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Greetings All,

On Saturday, January 28th at 2pm we will be holding the very first OWS
ECO-SUMMIT at 56 Walker St. !!!

PART A: The platform is simple: We are asking each PROJECT to present
for 3 to 5 minutes on what they are doing currently. The goal is to
plug our community directly into what we are doing so everyone can get
to work in Spring 2012. (Please note I say project NOT working group
because we want to specifically discuss projects that we are working
on CURRENTLY so we can get people involved. For example,
Sustainability is not going to stand up & talk about everything we are
doing. We will be making short, separate presentations on: Mobile
Education Lab, Workshop Bazaar Events, Rooftop Farm, etc etc etc).

PART B: After all the presentations we will open up to facilitate a
broader discussion on what we want to collectively be actionable about
in Spring 2012. (suggestions have included: Farm Bill, Fracking
Actions, reclaiming vacant lots for community gardens). If you would
like to nominate a TOPIC for this discussion, please
emailOWSSustainability@gmail.com. We will organize the order of this
agenda based on which topics have been suggested the most to the least
(in interest of highest engagement & interest, and time).

We would love to see your group attend!!!
Please forward this email along to other who may have interest in
contributing to, or attending this event.

If you, or your group, are currently working on a project, and would
like to present, here is how to do so:

We will be creating a tight presentation agenda to get people excited
& involved very quickly. The time slots will be short, so we are
asking presentations to be tightly organized & very specific. You will
be given a specific amount of time to present, and no more, so plan
effectively. Each project presentation will be required to first
present & then answer an extremely short Q&A about their project. You
will be required to have a list for individuals to sign up & volunteer
with you. You are required to have point person(s) for your project
for clear communication.

To participate, these are the requirements:

EmailĀ OWSSustainability@gmail.com
(1) What your project name is
(2) A Short abstract about your project (one paragraph)
(3) How can people get involved? What help do you need?
(4) Any technical needs you have for the presentation
(5) what working group you hail from, if any (not required)
(6) willingness to carry a volunteer list about your project at the
(7) a specific contact person, or contact peoples for volunteers **

In Summary,
We really want to see all our great projects represented at this Eco-
Summit. So please, submit a project presentation proposal!!!
Afterwards, we are hoping to create a lively and energetic open
discussion about our collective strategy for Spring 2012. We are
hoping to create some cross functional & strategic coalitions out of
these discussions!! Please nominate ideas for action during Spring
2012 ASAP!!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
The presentation schedule will be posted very soon!

OWS Sustainability

Event Details:
OWS ECO Summit 2012
January 28th, 2012
56 Walker
2pm start time (prompt)

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