Organization working group incubated project – BAG meeting minutes 1/5/2011

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Jan 5 meeting
Attendance: Danny, Ben, Shen, Dal, Jerry & Richard
Guest: Earl Katz
. Guest presentation: Earl Katz
. Activist from 60s who makes films & documentaries
. Exec producer on film Heist, being called “the movie for the movement”
a. Theatrical will open in NYC Feb 17th
b. Group (OMG) to use the film as a fundraiser?
i. Would need a proposal
a. Earl will send a copy of the dvd to BAG members
. Will be in touch with possible donor suggestions
Mixer Updates
. Try doing another?
a. Yes, when have more members
b. Possibly screen movie “Berkeley in the 60s”
III. Donor call report backs
. Ben and Jerry
b. Spoke with 2 people & more calls scheduled for tomorrow & next week
B.  Shen available to talk to potential donors, if needed
C.  Richard
​a. Discussion from person spoke with:  
​i.  Wants main goals of movement
D. Danny
​a. Contacted 2 people & will contact more this week
E. Shen suggestions:
a.  Democracy Alliance
b.  Sisters Foundation
c.  SEIU

​F. Dal
​a. 3 people added on the Donor Tracking Grid for him to call
IV.  OMG staff hire issue
. Agreed to have Shen start looking for an OMG staff person
b. Assistant be full time help for OMG
V. Timeline (when to go live with various items) – will need to re-visit next meeting
A. Create website
B. Complete online form
C. Create process for going through proposals
​a. Committee of 6: 3 OWS & 3 OMG people  
​i. How select the members of the proposal review committee?
b. Accept and distribute funds
VI.  OMG website proposal (See proposal at end of agenda)
A. Two purposes:
​a. Internal for use of OWS groups and individuals
b. External as sales piece for funders to explain what OWS and OMG are and to give them confidence in the entities
. Go live for March 1?
. Formulate plan/timeline
VII. Misc Notes
A. Stephen approved to be on BAG calls and email list
B. Meeting Notes:
a. Publish major decisions, timeline established & tasks established
b. Notes to be approved by group
i. 24 hours notice for rejections/additions
VIII. Review Next Meeting
. Create timeline for actions – website, online form, committee
. Review Shen’s discussion of the movement
Next Meeting: Thursday, January 12 @ 3pm (EST)

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