Organization weekly public meeting minutes 1/18/2011

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Organization Minutes 1/18/2012

Report backs
Project proposals
Super Tuesday, conventions

Stephen, organ, outreach, photog, projects
Stewart direct act, political act, focus on concrete things get something done,mew Hampshire off ground
Ariel felt out altern currency and think tank, bedsty org, org and outreach
Hilary fellow program, writer,
Diane oct first, direct act, political action, learn better plan next events, dem and repub conventions
Shen exile and quit CEO job,
Yoni miller, facil, movement, desec, interested in projects should be moving forward, pr perspective what Ows means and not internal dynamics,

org background
Service working group to help focus on members and project, project management assistance, sis as example, omg affinity of org, incubate but not control, goal is to empower exit, decide on priority, small projects fit our goals, we can bring resources to, good long term, often require multiple working groups and foster connections

Report back DC and new Hampshire
Dianne had idea three weeks before first real project
pol working group,
difficult to get up and through GA,
flaws and unexpected things such as whether it is a GA or not, multiple group difficult to make connections and little response, Elizabeth koss twitter and tracie as photog, Ian Williams, yoni worked tables,
occupy new hamp had agenda set up
you tell us what to do, OWS is a little feistier and we brought ideas to table they appreciated, money for a van and drove al around,
tons of videos and output and good exposure, movement building and ga approv made it official, crowd was varied event to event three hundred plus common citizens maybe
over six shutdowns of gingrich Romney events
Stephen clarifying question when looking at execution what would you do different or more effective
Dianne more advanced planing and research and more bodies, coordination with direct action
Stephen press coverage contacts with print? Pr helpful? Need to get word out to reporters

yoni, got permits, time better spent on getting to know occupiers
raided house of rep, black red and blue flags, really united protesters but no media,

march: three thousand went to supreme court and chanted free speech, not money

idiot threw smoke bomb all that got coverage,

roll call reporter,
We need to keep up with media contacts, better national coordination, how do you get ppl to want to join, how to get busy and make connections and how do we work together?

GA organized by unions didn’t happen

Spaces project Stephen and Ariel
Mime factory – message, com, media center omg incubating funding, formalized media and pr outreach,

see 39broad Friday,

biggest struggle landlords unwilling to release space to anything involved with Ows, looking for media space, assembly space, fellowship housing,

Working for meeting and assembly one space,

Stewart working on proposal about events and Ruggiero Greg seven story press pamphlets

Stewart to Get contact list to Shen and Stephen from new hamp and coordinators and liaisons and press

Work on agenda for next week and yoni facilitate

Everyone needs to Join nycga group

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