Organization public meeting notes, 1/11/12 – meeting held at 60 wall street

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Organization public meeting notes- January 11th, 2011 Attendees: Arielle, stephen, Shen, Ronny, Jo, samumba, Bobby

Organization overview
Projects Review
assign new point person for finance and the office Communications channels, bottom lining
Project management
Liason Network

1. Org overview
Membership – We set up a vetting process, looking for time commitment, project managing experience, and ability to dedicate to output
2. incoming projects – org does not create projects, we are a service group that works work groups on projects they request help with On a team and individual basis. We look for other working group projects for assistance and making the connections between groups, timelines, todo, help with outreach. Primary goal as exiting, empowering group to continue upon exit. This is what the group does. When we agree to incubate a project, then we are saying will provide expertise and do the project management. .

The office is a good example, organization helped set up the first five groups and the process of adding additional In 24 hours five groups moved in. We made a point of not being on the office committee to make the point that we organize. We are trying to set some examples. Project took four and half days. The we stepped back.
4. Projects all inbound, We tend to take on projects others don’t like. We developed a liaison network. We reached about 20 different groups but because of the raid it dropped off. At that time we had twenty liaisons who have track record of following thru with things.
1. Space
A. Ongoing project which is space related. A dozen spaces we are working on. Especially Arielle and Stephen for various purposes. Assembly space office space, studio space, fellowship dorm space and atrium space.
B. We officially incubated omg, the relationship between omg and organization, Shen Stephen Arielle working on some omg projects. None of us are members, Right now – working purely as incubators and project managers. The relationship between org and omg is that there are three areas of projects
– iconic messaging
– iconic DA
– recruitment and base building

CCR space
Space project we piloted another space from CCR, using our messaging meeting to work out a system to tap into their national office space donation. Piloting stage.
Occupy new hampshire and now years eve silent Dance party – complete
– Organization connnected omg to the occupy new hampshire project team and to the new years eve silent dance party project.
– Org took on a project, at the request of accounting, right before Xmas to send out thank you email to donors and start building budgeting framework. Thank you email complete, budget framework is stalled.
Spend some time to itemize our projects – list them online. Bobby will bottom line this.
-We consented on a small scale pilot on CiviCRM with the tech group. Ravi is bottomli ing this
Proposals, we prob have about 120 proposals We need more resources. When they come in we need to make sure theymake sense. We need more human resources. Project management.

Co-op project completed
-coop group, workers coop alliance. Referred seven or eight and worked with the printer group, screen printer guild, kitchen, a few others.
NYC solidarity, scouted out locational for them, tech op coop, others moving in that direction. Now they just come for space.
Co-op training that was scheduled for 80 ppl, 120 people attended

Proposal – national coordination.
What national coordination subprojects?
– Inter Occupy projects
– National messaging coordination
– travelers project to build relationships and liasons – bus tours, national Marches etc
– ATM machine, instead of taking money out, you put it in and it spits money out with occupy messages on them
– others
Temperature check – consensus

Megan has chosen to leave the org group and was point person on finance and office. We need to replace Megan. Nominate Arielle for both, temperature check, consensus. Arielle is now office and accounting point person. Shen continues as second accounting point person. Stephen continues as second office point person.
Group consensus that stephen will handle group emails for now, Arielle will monitor nycga forum, and these responsibilities will rotate.

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