Organization meeting minutes Feb 8

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Stephen, Arron, Sumumba, Jerod, Shen, Stephanie, Ben, James, Pricilla, Patrick, Arron, Greg, Shawn, Frank, Jack, Walt, Gary
666 Broadway, 6th Fl Conference Room (through 7th Fl)
Time: 4-7

Reportbacks on various efforts related to Org WG projects.
Discussion on
*. OWSers efforts on Citizen United, and other money out of politics issues
*. creating lower level of engagement to excite everyday Americans, e.g. through personal online video stories

The meeting started with the smaller 6 people group for Organization WG meeting.  And given the overlap with topics at Messaging Cluster (MC), all participants joined 11 others at Messaging Cluster meeting 5-7.

MC meetings notes are enclosed.

Agenda 1. Personal story online video meme through crowd sourcing.  


- I am Paul Revere
- I am because of we are
- Why I was interested
- Internal personal switch: rep is not doing the job
- I found a community
- What was your moment
- I am reformist, not a revolutionary. Revolution may be occurring,
but framing in that way can be off putting, and not easy ladder
- Capture hearts and minds by focusing relevant dialogues, turn the light on
- relevance to daily life, $5 BoA fee, being part of OWS or not
- election year, transform from last year’s economic disparity, to
this year’s restoring democracy.
- health hierarchy, a bit of yin and Yan
- personal transition, shift in identity, culture. Can’t be done just
on Internet, has to be face to face
- corporations out, money out of politics
- civil disobedience, and transcend from the violence. Also simple
framing such as “Mubarak Out”. Violence vs. Non-violence is an old
liberal tactic to remove radicals.
- old people don’t revolt, young people do. By being too inclusive, we
are excluding people
- messaging needs to think outcome. Framing as power n politics.
- there is room for pacifist, and for tactical violent
- we are not a non-violent movement, but we endorse non-violence
- why do we play the card of general strike without a demand. What
about something a day for 99%? honey, not vinegar.

Agenda 2. * May Day 2012 messaging

- not to call general strike, not to co-opt the union language.
- tax day activism, lead-in. 1932, 1933 tax for 1% went from 25% to 63%
- variety of action sto show unity: move money, shut down banks.
Unions are not unified on this question. That’s ok, we just need to
show respect to workers.
- Move your money should be tied into.
- Allied forces around triangle
- strike against the Ayn Rand idea of millionaire strike to
demonstrate their value. We strike for 99%, mutual aide – we can exist
without you
- the system is not broken, but working perfectly for 1%. your future
has been stolen, get your future back.
- use 99% frame with ladder of engagement. We are mad as hell, we are
not going to take it anymore. We are the 99%.
- Not clear what “day without 99%” is just not clear
- DA bringing The current language to GA.

Occupy Wall Street stands in solidarity with the calls for a day without the 99%, a general strike, and more!

On May Day, wherever you are, we are calling for:
No work
No school
No housework
No shopping
No banking


Short agenda 3.
1) Pittsburgh Solidarity Action Agreements,
2) a few other action agreement suggestions and
3) the proposed letter of solidarity with Oakland from DAWG.   

- morale high ground, concern for treason.
- DA has autonomy, but with autonomy, comes responsibility

- May 12 occupy golf course
- Feb 29 shut down the corporations

Others to invite:
Portland Action Lab. David Ozborne.
Occupy Direct Action Network

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