Org meeting minutes 2/29/12

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Attendees: Stephen, Sumumba, Shen, Chris, Jason, Jessica, Mary


1. Discussed

-m17 action

-OWPC project, screen printing,

– metcanard allocated to Stephen

– nnvan development

5 Responses to “Org meeting minutes 2/29/12”

  1. Urbaned

    Can you please spell out things like “metcanard” and “nnvan,” so we know what they are? These items should be transparent, anyway. Thank you!

  2. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Well I’m 99% ( 😉 ) sure I can tell ya what the “Metcanard” is. Someone try to enter this by OCR or something? Eesh.

  3. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    and NNVAN = national non-violent action network, right?

  4. Monica McLaughlin

    These are very abbreviated minutes. I am surprised.