OMG/BAG Meeting Notes: January 26, 2012 an organization incubation project

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BAG Meeting Notes: January 26, 2012
Attendance: Ben, Jerry, Shen, Stephen & RichardNot able to make it this week: Dal & Danny
I.  Adding BAG members (BAG ladies, non-white male)A.  Two women proposed as possibilities:1. A possible contact for ideas of people to approach2. Ben met with a woman who said she’s trying to decrease involvement (pregnant)  i.  BAG could be flexible.
II.  Fundraising get-togetherSuggestion to do something around Left Forum in middle of March in NYC
III.  OMG setting up own 501c3A.  Names of at least 3 directorsB.  Need officers1.  President2.  Secretary3.  Treasurer C. Possibly have new BAG members assigned
IV.  OMG to be up and running Feb 15A.  Internal website 1.  Stephen working on putting together the website platform  i.  Use WordPress platform to build pagesSample proposalView proposals submittedOnline submission formii. Shen sent group some examples (i.e. NYCGA)iii. Stephen to send out some samples in writing 2.  Soft launch next weeki.  Early next week available for review ii. Demo site by Thursday 2/2  3.  Link from NYCGA that goes to OMG homepage i.  OMG have separate domain nameB.  Proposal review committee 1.  A discussion was held on the composition of the Proposal Review Committee.Separate call with those interested in discussing review committee issue Molly will send out an email to schedule

Meeting next week: Thursday, February 2 @ 2pm (est)

Agenda Topics for next week:Adding BAG membersOMG setting up own 501c3501c3 status, C4 statusReview StatementDonor contact updates & results

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