OMG – BAG Meeting Notes: January 19, 2012 – Affinity Group being incubated by organization

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OMG – BAG Meeting Notes: January 19, 2012
Attendees: Ben, Jerry, Shen, Danny, Richard, Dal & Stephen

I. Shen’s update
A. Focus issue regarding 50 Broadway to sort out issue

1. Ben contact Han to find a way to help resolve issue – facilitate meeting w/Ben, Han, Shen & Stephen to see if utilize Danny’s contact

II. Stephen’s report on looking for space

III. 501c3 status
A. Jeff Furman has a foundation that does fiscal sponsorships

1. Agreed to be OMG fiscal sponsor for interim

B. Ben had a discussion with AJ Muste Foundation and peace development fund
1. Potentially transition to them from Furman’s Foundation

C. Continue to pursue getting own 501c3

1. Can take 6mos-1yr

2. Richard will get in touch with lawyers he used

i. Ben will forward Holly’s information to Richard
3. Ben spoke with Holly regarding 501c3 covering civil disobedience
i.. Set up 501c4
4. Go ahead & set up for small donations
5. Ben get 501c4 registration rolling

IV. BAG additions

  1. Discussed Possible non white male people to add:

V. Confirm next meeting time:

A. Next Thursday 1/26 @ 2:30pm (est)

1. Molly will sent out email to group – check availability

i.  Jerry (potentially) not available
ii.  Danny not available

iii. Dal not available

Next meeting agenda:

  • Report backs
  • Fundraisers
  • Timeline
  • Website
  • Accounting for funds that are disbursed

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