OMG BAG Meeting Notes: Jan 12, 2012

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OMG BAG Meeting Notes: Jan 12
Attendees: Shen, Ben, Jerry, Richard, Danny, DalShen: will provide data on web hits Shen and Ben will come up with document that answers the question of what movement stands for.
I. Meeting timeMove to 2pm ThursdaysDiscuss each week, but aim for 2pm on Thursdays
II. Report backs on donor callsBen & Jerry sending out 3 documents to folks after donor callsTurning a movement to a movement, Budget w/narrative, Donation InstructionsRichardHad a few meetings & will be doing some emailing this weekDannyRejections from a couple people, some already donating to movement, but has some additional meetings coming upBen & Jerry12 phone calls so far & success with a few saying they will donate
III. OMG websiteA. Inward-facing element & Outward-facing element a. Shen’s thoughts: goal to have a general public-facing element (how to get involved)B. Timeline:a.  Domain name has been purchasedb.  Internal people at OWS can help to set it up – programming resources teamc.  Stephen: 30 days to get up a basic site w/form on how to donatei.  Meeting Friday (1/13) w/a developer to develop a timelineNeed a dedicated resource to get up & running faster (back-end what really matters)i.  Paid resource will expedite the processe. Ben & Shen will work together to map out the cost of an Outward-facing site &      when the Inward-facing element will be a part of website.
IV. Composition and process for selecting proposal review committeeUp to 12 committee members made up 50/50 by OMG steering committee and OWSers.Decision: 3 people to start from OWS on proposal review committee Members chosen by the working groups/clusters- a representative from each 3 core BAG funding focus areas: Action, Messaging, Outreach/Movement Building (recruitment)
V. Follow up on hiring an OMG staff personA. Approved & process in placea.  Someone from within the movement or from the outsideb.  BAG members welcome to send suggestions to ShenB. Further progress on adding another member, a woman,  to the BAG steering committee
VI. Timeline for getting OMG up & running–Arranging for nonprofit status for OMGCall with Tides arranged for Friday 1/13Tides squeamish about being involved w/civil disobediencePropose that use Tides as a 501c3 incubator until have own 501c3B. OMG get own 501c3Richard – “Rock the Classroom” a fallow 501c3; potentially use that as a “shell”Ben & Richard call Ben’s attorneyC.  Agreement for BAG accept earmarked funds at no additional charge, except for Tides fiscal agent fee
VII. If someone wants to fund a project w/OWS for them to utilize OMG 501c3A. Have someone from BAG approve project firsta.  Check that project legal
VIII. Accounting for funds that are disbursed for approved project proposalsExample: if a group in OWS puts through a proposal to fund a series of anti-foreclosure actions.Have general guidelines for money disbursement OMG write a check to the entity that proposed action & then ask them to submit receiptsFoundations often have a reconciliation process for grants (receipts & no receipts).Stephen will send out an example of a Foundation form to use (will send by Monday)Provide form for group to use (put in Inward-facing site)If money left, then required to return fundsVary how pay out depending on amount and time period of projectExample: 50% upfront, rest at each milestone
IX. OMG Press Policy?A. Develop strategyB. Jerry did an interview with Tidala.  Spoke about BAG group

Next meeting: Thursday, 2pm (est)
Agenda Items:1. Continue to talk about timeline to get OMG up and running

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