October 5, 2012 Assembly Notes

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Liberty Plaza 7:00pm



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Presentations made include:

Bill –Occupy Queens (Jackson Heights) Occupy Participatory Budgeting

Malu-Stopping the Drug War in Harlem-Open Forums-group gave solidarity to action

Lucas Sanchez-(New York Communities for Change)-group gave solidarity to action and group

Cecilia- Money out of politics-solidarity given September 27, 2012

Hon. George Martinez-Building Mass Movement entitled: GRO NYC-solidarity given

Eileen-Announcement for Anti-War Rally March on upcoming Sunday

Matt-Occupy the Election for #N6-OE facilitating an assembly on that day

Bill from Occupy Staten Island-mentioned a march/action to support senior citizen center that may be closing at end of November in Staten Island.

Next Assembly scheduled for October 12, 2012 at Barclays Center (Brooklyn).

60$ raised-29 to metrocard-$ 31 to be determined

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