October 4, 2013 Assemby Notes/*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

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*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

October 4, 2013

60 Wall Street

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection $7.00 -Brief overview  of OE

Announcements-Group consented on changing time of assembly  6:30pOctober 29-Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy 8am –End of Brighton Street/Tottenville  S.I. Walk to South beach to commemorate 8am-3pm A.M 12noon-March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect Cadman Plaza-October 15th  and 30th 883 Classon Ave. Rally and Protest against Charter Schools 6:00pm Prospects Heights H.S.  October 12th We-Act 2ND Floor 1854 Amsterdam (152th Street) Focus ‘Storm Surge’ October 29, 2013 Stand UP for Sandy TWU 4:30-6:30. PEP Meeting. Flushing Meadows/Willets Points Development October 9, 2013 250 Broadway 9:30pm. OCSI Tour Tommorrow 1:30pm. Dan-Will attend Jeremy Hammond November 5th Sentencing/Hearing  Federal Hearing Time-TBA Will also perform at next speakout on Friday November 11th -26 Wall Street.

Discussion/Reportbacks-Ms K reportback on her situation, Sumumba Wages will write a proposal for a increase in the minimum wage to be submitted to NYC City Council as part of October 24th action, A.M. Darrell announced a organizational meeting for OWS happening Thursday at 60 Wall Street.

Open Discussion on govt shutdown and living wage action on October 24th

Future Actions-Friday Speakout @Federal Hall  26 Wall Street, October 12th Monsanto Rally and March, October 24TH Living Wage Action, Black Friday Action?


Open Discussion-


Close Meeting

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