October 4, 2012 meeting notes

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Meeting: Steve, Paul, Akari, Matt, Daphne, Goldi

Question: what is our place within occupy? The GA is no longer functioning
and thus arts & culture has mostly shifted to the cluster/affinity group
model. Do we need the change or redefine our group relation?

(There is an arts cluster meeting this Sunday in brooklyn where I intend to
make this an agenda item. Hope other folks from the group can come too. The
invite is on Facebook.)

Our mission statement is focused on facilitating music making for occupy.
Is this what we have done, are doing, should be doing? Can it be refined or
edited? Do we need to change our actions to support the existing mission?

The idea is that after all this reflection and discussion we might be able
to answer these two major questions. Hopefully it can get done this month.


May Day, working with Tom helped media presence; peaceful and joyful, no
arrests; design elements and props; song lyrics; peer to peer song teaching

Barclays: served as counterpoint to existing news story, lots of media
there already and we shifted story to social justice issues; flyers and
handouts very useful, friendly

Free U: focus on education, skill sharing, getting to talk through our
strategies and specialties, training new folks to ease fear abt music in
the streets

In general: working group actions moving toward ensembles playing songbook
eliminates ego and keeps focus on supporting action; not focusing on
concerts but actions, less abt being ‘good’ than being there and positive

Website: simple, up to date, has lots of useful info

Do Better

In general, marching: less chaos, buddy system and headcounts

Reach out to other occupy groups, existing community groups, so we don’t
burn out or reinvent the wheel or do things alone

Group solidarity: respect and positivity, no more gossip

Organization: need more advance notice and more general idea of group
engagement with actions: look at rude mechanical orchestra for ‘booking’
standards, consider phone tree or stable roster for musicians, better
communication within the group and to outside world

Change listserv; one for announcements, one for planning actions. Creating
and consensing on community standards for online posting in new action
forum. Perhaps a barrier to entry for second forum: either based on meeting
attendance, listserv contribution, or support in actions?

Songs: need more positive and known songs, already existing but rewritten:
either social justice songs with new verses or parodies. More improv.

Musicians: figure out ways for practicing musicians to plug in to the
group. Need to think of ensembles and situations that reach out to
different kinds of musicians

Space: need a place to educate, rehearse and record, especially in the

Money: we need to figure this out within the ows community and ourselves.
Currently not sustainable.

Archive: we should keep better archives of past actions plus make all the
tactics /projects we do into something like ‘guitarmy starter kit’

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