October 27, 2011 Meeting Notes

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PAI Work Group

October 27, 2011 

Meeting called by Ted Actie, Group Admin.


Establish context of working group and how it ties in with OWS and shaping political landscape 

Ted:  What should our main purpose be?
Steph:  We need to find ways to get involved with what is going on in the state of NY at least.  Does it have to pass through GA?

Ted:  problem I have with GA a lot of people aren’t really political so I look at it of a collection of movements

Alana: Do you have any idea for a bill or something =- like environmental hook up with other working groups – connect with those special and work with them to go to GA together.

Steph: We should have one person in each group to understand what each one needs.  

TedPA and E has long term goals we are looking to have impact immediately.  We can tie in politicians or unions to make this work.

Alana:  I get the sense there are a lot of city council that support occupy – council members have spoken out.

Key words to form a mission statement:  short and sweet: mission/vision/value

  • Short term goals
  • Local
  • Reach out to local groups different occupy group
  • Specific bills at a national level to get behind.
  • Reach out to voters and those that don’t identify with the movement
  • Reach out to GA, etc. for support
  • How to get aware of immediate issues
  • 90 day plans
  • Small successes
  • Education
  • One page sheet that any citizen could read so we could get “us”
  • Universal talking points
    • Understands where we are coming from
    • Citizens understand and educate
    • Jobs
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Important to stick to universal talking points
    • Get involved in the community board
      • Take local action
      • I envision something like a continue identification of issues
        • Tangible things:  i.e., Educational re-budgeting in NY State

By next week envision reaching out to every occupy finding out who is who in your district.  Create template for other occupy movement.

Lets work on local stuff for a little while so we can talk to other groups

Look up local to city council stuff coming up  – figure out what we want to push – etc.

Contact school universities – a lot of kids want to do stuff like this – be involved in politics since Obama’s election – and not sure how to get their hands on it – including them in this one would be beneficial – outreach.

Alana will be starting internship with city council.

All encompassing – groups local and national level

Get the word out about predatory lending – getting banks to take responsibility – rising tuition.  Identify a resource in banking what you could do process etc.  Drawing attention to the issue – strength in numbers.    Bankruptcy bill congressperson attached on a federal level for me to get an opportunity.

Devise an educational strategy for those who don’t know the political and legislative process

Develop a working group template (mission statement) that other occupy cities can model their Political Groups after

Create subcommittees:

  1. 1.    National outreach surrounding legislation with other occupy groups
    1. Inform and join
    2. Empower local occupy groups to be involved nationally and also identify local issues they can be active around
    3. 2.    Local outreach with other groups
      1. Inform and join
      2. Track legislation


  • Research
  • Post
  • Activate

Outreach:   (via social networking, safe email, flyers, feet on the street)

  • Personal
  • Legislative outreach
  • Voter registration
  • Media outreach

Next 30 days

Build a database

City and State

Move on to regional and state-by-state

Local/state/national elected officials

Alana – Manhattan – New York

Joanne – Long Island

Stuart – New Jersey

Andy – National legislation upcoming

Education Subgroup

  • Timeline of political process
  • How they work
  • When do candidates get started
  • Make sure the best possible people to run
  • Countdown to elections, etc.

The Buffet Bill – no tenure no petition – must pay into social security

Next steps:

Craft mission statements individually – submit online for review – then unify refine and formalize



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