October 26, 2012 Assembly Notes

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October 26, 2012

60 Wall Street 7:00pm

13 signed contact list

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali


Report backs-Stop and Frisk-Ale-23 October, Occupy Underground/Golden Farm Action and Rally-Robert. Occupy The Pipeline-Carlos-. Bill-Staten  Island Hot AND Crusty Actions-Malu, press conference on Monday in Harlem, Roverside. Hoodweek-announced  Movement Monday-Jackie did brief reportback Louis-lack of diversity and community participation in Occupy Queens. LOC reportback-Jackie,Unemployed Council-unemployed march November 7th, Strategic workshop December 1rst, NAFTA on steroids. Capitol Grille 42nd East Grand Central, Saigon Grille all continuing pickets and boycotts. Bill-OSI-continuing to do petitioning getting great response from the people. St. George terminal 7-9 am ended t-f  Staten Island City of Ferry Terminal. Mark Murphy and Micheal Grimm may be coming to campaign in that ferry terminal.Walk for Justice and Democracy happens everyday 9am-A/M-Anti-Fare Hike Campaign, November 12-public hearing-Unemployed March-start at Barclays to Marriot. Crown Heights Assembly-housing/Rent Strike- November 17th. 1025 UNION 575-579-Transit Forward-petition campaign-Stop the Hike-contact- Press Conference happening November 17th.

41$ collected/29.00 to metrocard 12$to food

Brief Discussion-R.I.P. Occupy Oakland

Occu-Hate and Unsafe Spaces-OSI, OQ, OSP-brief discussion

Alternatives  to the current Structure and culture of the Occupy Movement

2. Direct Democracy-against representative democracy-you don’t have leaders whole tradition taken from the extreme-dominate because more time, no accountable leadership, class attitudes pre-domination individual freedom to the extreme. Autonomy becomes far more important than community.  More comments and notes will be sent out to more adequately represent notes

 November 2nd next meeting at 60 Wall Street 7PM

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