October 25, 2012 meeting notes

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report backs
daphne: occupy jazz picket at blue note was great, solidarity was appreciated by union. broadway and orchestra is primary union income. Todd wants to build out organization.
polar: union isn’t what we do. daphne: Todd can come down to talk. also union for free lance is option. polar: more musicians than clubs so scale in clubs favor. daphne: yes, passing the bucket seems to be what some groups are organizing against this practice. polar: the problem is if we win, clubs will hire DJs or one guy.
steve: people’s voice good turn out, many older folk cause of raging granny’s. occupy message was loud and clear. we didn’t make much money but we did get paid. tax dodgers gan and Athena did a performance. we got that gig 8months ago. daphne : reached out to people’s musician network and next meeting is in massachusetts in Jan.
GS occupation, steve: 9 days, no media attention. they moved around a bit but it’s at 61st and broadway. milo and Carlos are there playing guitar. and a drummer. daphne: they’re directly across from dizzys and 4 blocks from juliard. a lot of branded big stores. also on parade route for Halloween so could be synergy there.
daphne: Halloween .. we are not permitted to march in parade. gan is doing a press conference this Monday oct 29th. they wanted us to go in solodarity.
election: many “victory parties” planned.
announcements : spectra on Monday.
budget 99MM: 4700 spent, 1349 raised. to be distributed proportionally to alphonzo, polar, goldi and daphne.
consensus: OWS uses 90% modified consensus for physical beings. do we wan to have any online consensus? polar: I needs to be broken down to 2 categories: large events and smaller things. the smaller things don’t need online where it takes weeks. large stuff like mayday it could be useful for online input. the GA model is a bad joke. in theory its a good idea but can .. online there can be a lot of people but how long do you wait before the consensus deadline? daphne: facilitator can codify. but what is active membership and is listserv partic active membership? where does it fit? they’re 2 diff things. steve: do we know even where people on list live? daphne: a lot of people on list are simply interested in music and that’s it. I wanted a new listserv but this was blocked last week. goldi suggested using the current list and use a community standard for that list. steve: is there a lot of support for an online model? daphne: I think there is some interest in online partic but using it to block seems agen provocateur ish. some people only partake in criticisms seemingly. (discussion about what consensus is — you don’t have to agree, just not to block to achieve consensus). steve: does anyone use listserv for consensus? matt: in philly we discuss online and consensus happens in person. polar: silence in email could be you didn’t read email, not agreement. matt: and how do you know a person is real? goldi: I blocked online once but then showed up to the next meeting to state my case. maybe we can have an online block that can be considered at the next meeting for emergencies? daphne: so all proposals go online for at least a week so people can see it. matt: it’s a “staging” period, it works. steve: like a “hearing period”. polar: can we have time limits? D: maybe put limits at the time of proposal? that can be modified by proposer. are we using 90%? goldi says yes. matt says it worked in philly. D: but our group is so small. still 90% is decided. you can’t retroactively block a decision. matt: more than 1 person is a group, hence a meeting. P: can we have 1 meeting a month for proposals? daphne: then we could go months in passing, P agrees. D: so we have consensus on the above? all online concerns voiced before proposal. all approved — consensus! tabled
parody. (description from goldi)
D: a site that is a parody of the music industry itself. he irony of MWG putting out commoditized music. M: commodified rebellion! adam to design? upload option for anyone to do their own versions. P: mission should be to have many people doing versions. D: we can make sheet music for these. P: 10 or more? D: 10 is what journalists can cover in their news cycle. site, lyrics, tracks, vocalists, house band. recording mixing. finished version goes up w stems for others to record over. we need songs and a site to blast out. we can ask celebrities to sing. and occupy people. lauren rebel diaz etc. tools: occupy.com, Dropbox. karaoke or our own instrumentals? G: let’s start with he actual song and reverse engineer until we have something. S: I’d love to parody some occupy music.
music spokes: spokes is an alternative to the GA model where groups can meet and collaborate and network. we already have an arts cluster which is like this. the idea is to convene this group of people incl what you do , contact info and actions plus resources you can share for a directory that we can hand out on the day of. report backs, future projects etc in breakouts. maybe 3 hours before the next cluster. generic resources would be presented: PR screen printing occucopy ARF tech ops. (groups listed, check proposal. it’s in your email). others added: rev billy, labor chorus, brecht etc. collab sharing no decisions. D: some people overlap some are distinct. identifying overlaps is the purpose. ie we’ve done a lot of actions.. we can ask “what would u like to do at this meeting?”. resource pamphlet done in advance. passed!
polar: I want a central website for OWS MWG for all things for us. we’re all over the place. we don’t exist as an entity. D/ Guitarmy site has been our primary site. P: so we can switch and Guitarmy will be a module, and so is the listserv , outreach, events all centralized. movement music module w a series of playlists w records going back in history of movement music. an occupy musicians orig, parodies covers etc. also classified that are movement related. we can provide content from any module to other sites. movement music would involve getting music from all over. fundraising: we can show people who they’re donating to. D: how is it scope-wise? ny, occupy or world? P: OWS D: Stephen said and morello’s sites are useful. occupy musicians too. question: what is our scope. I think historic music is outside of scope? we can point to them, as axis of justice already does. how do we get this to further occupy? as an educational tool. steve: YouTube stuff posted a year ago is disappearing. so as an archive this is great. D archive an a presentations of an archive. this is a presentation, an archive would w separate.

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