October 19, 2012 Assembly Notes

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October 19, 2012

60 Wall Street 7:00pm

Self-Facilitated-Note Taker Sumumba/Stack Ali

19 in attendence


Report backs-Stop and Frisk-Ali-23 October, Occupy Underground/Golden Farm Action and Rally-Robert. Occupy The Pipeline-Carlos-national day of Action against all pipelines 29th Vigil. Bill-Staten  Island March for Justice and Democracy is a daily ongoing action. Hot AND Crusty Actions-Malu working with Laundry Workers on action. Solidarity Groups in OWS and outside coalitions-meeting report backs. George Martinez –did a reportback on Hood Week October 26-28. Tuesday interocc-call PSC-Blonde

Proposals: Solidarity Statement with Medgar Evers Students, Solidarity Statement for N5 and N6 Actions around the national elections all consented on for Solidarity also solidarity given to Anti Credit check law being considered in city council.

Alternatives  to the current Structure and culture of the Occupy Movement

Alternatives to the current Structure and culture of the Occupy Movement  (Sumumba’s thoughts)

1.Diversity-(Intro to discussion)First and foremost at any Occupy you will almost always see few people of color involved. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because this movement is so scattered and dealing with so many issues that the issues effecting people of color aren’t adequately covered or addressed. But even more perhaps it’s the Anarchist leaning culture that stresses ‘no leaders’ and no hierarchies that usually translates into egotistical tendencies that get little done and actually ends up creating invisible hierarchies.

  1. 1.       Assembly in communities of color. Human beings first. Problems with terms diversity, tolerance.-OCCU-SPEAK’ (framing of all things in Occupy/PC language is problematic). We should ACKNOWLEDGE and SHOW up to other people’s events.
  2. 2.       Work with the Malcolm X grassroots organization.
  3. 3.        Reaching out to community, empower people and make them feel empowered.
  4. 4.       The eldery and white middle class being left behind.
  5. 5.       Differences created by society dialectical relationship between race and class. Black working class moves you have a movement.
  6. 6.       Conversation about race and class and a movement that is truly diverse and based in the Black working class.
  7. 7.       End Stop and frisk. Should be a focus
  8. 8.       Its not about color but fear and lack of sensibilities fear on both sides. Music, food, culture . social inclusion and practice what you preach.
  9. 9.       Human issues, hyper local issues based local actions Fear is number 1 barrier. Bridge communities through different organizations.
  10. 10.    Cultural relevancy. Stop Dominating discussions by others, working with,  instead of dominating local groups. White supremacy and power need to be discussed.  Power decisions are made by the people themselves. We also need to KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  11. 11.    Structure-Electoral-politicians/politics no stratification within the 99%. Class issues within OWS. Class stratification within OWS needs to be addressed. Strategies that engage the working class. Sustainabilty class attitude building along different lines. Discussion on Class Culture .

The other points of discussion we didn’t get to but will tackle at next assembly include:

2.             Direct Democracy-

3.             Outreach/education that PRECEEDS all ‘direct action’

4.             The creation of another structure for Occupy Wall Street

5.             From General to Community Assembly,

6.             Community agreements,

7.             Culture and Community-redefined Values based consensus… Autonomy vs. Community

8.             Human being BEFORE political ones.

9.             Voting as a possible tactic/voter education and community organizing as a key feature

10.          Framing of Issues as not just political or economic but moral or immoral:

11.          Program-what is ours?


NEXT ASSEMBLY FRIDAY October 26, 2012 7pm 60 Wall Street.

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