October 11, 2013 Assemby Notes/*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

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*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

October 11, 2013

58$ raised

60 Wall Street-

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection $7.00 -Brief overview  of OE

Announcements- Discussion/Reportbacks- Jackie-Moral Monday 6:oopm , Dan will attend Jeremy Hammond Trial and send letter to judge, Dan will perform at theater of the City of the New City 7Ppm 1rst ave and 9th avenue. Scott-Housing Forum 10:30pm-4pm Monroe College BX. A.M. Re-Act-How Storm Surge crippled our transportation system. 1854 Amsterdam Saturday 10am-12:00pm . Tuesday Prospects Heights High 883 Classon Aave. 6:00pm-10 year Anniversary of S.I. Transpotation Meeting Thursday 6:30pm 208 Avenue, Ale/Julie announced a Call to Action for October 22, 2013 in Harlem at Adam Clayton Powell Building, Bill made announcement about the year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Alliance for a Just Rebuilding- City Hall 4:30pm ‘Hurricane Sandy remberance’ October 29th Action in S.I.Sumumba did reportback on upcoming actions refer to www.occuevolve.com

Reportbacks-Jackie attended a forum of new NYC Labor Constituent Coalition, A.M. Crown Heights Coalition meeting on Thursday on Affordable Housing Crisis.  Julie did a reportback on Lynne Stewart Birthday at St. Mark’s Theater on Tuesday many attended. Ale did reportback on Alternative Banking Working Groups book ‘Occupy Finance’ doing a Indiego-go campaign to create new book.

Ms. K updated us on her housing situation

Open Discussion-focused on a variety of topics including proposal for Petition Box at October 24th Action and 15 vs. 20$ a hour.

Future Actions- October 12th Monsanto Rally and March, October 24TH Living Wage Action, Black Friday Action? Friday Speakout @Federal Hall  26 Wall Street other actions and meetings posted on www.occu-evolve.com


Close Meeting

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