Meeting Minutes – Stakeholder 11/30/2011

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  • No press
  • Mike (tech)
  • Jim (no affiliation)
  • Thiago (tech)
  • Ben (tech)
  • Jake (tech)
  • Devin (tech)
  • Sam (tech)
  • Andrew (media)
  • ? (no affiliation)
  • Dan (tech)
  • Katie (tech)
  • Carlos (
  • John (no affiliation)
  • Matt (design, also developer)
  • Patricia (tech)


  • Suggestion: Launch splash page to take in website needs/desires, people could up/down vote
  • Sam: will be launched so and will have the ability to do that
  • We need a place for people to submit stuff, user-submitted content


  • Stakeholders are curators of the site, content creation
  • Tech only makes things work

Review Site Map

  • Search – Will be some sort of search
  • Events – Needs to be added somehow


  • Looks good, hard to say without using it


  • Design Working on:
  • Working on postage stamp project (USPS won’t
  • Spoof on See Something, Say Something
  • Interested in having an image bank
  • What’s important to you?
  • Would like to collaborate with other groups – links to other sites


  • Would you be interested in Featured section or page?
  • Matt: Yes


  • Emergency Mode
  • Question: Will site be specifically for Occupy Wall Street NYC or for the movement as a hold
  • Should have links to all the other occupations


  • En EspaƱol – needs to have messaging for Latino community
  • Devin: To a certain extent, the scope of the website will depend on the content that is provided
  • Technology won’t decide what content belongs on the site, the community will decide
  • Need people to contribute


  • It’s an outward facing site
  • Will need to keep the language understandable?
  • Need to be oriented to a broadest possible audience


  • Concerned about translating to Spanish and other language
  • Also, ADL Compliant (Accessibility) – need people who have experience with this


  • Mike: interested in interviews/features about people who have contributed to the movement
  • Media: Not a lot content being created right
  • Need single log-in for /
  • Project tracker – important to managing projects
  • Tiering system for users – get “accreditation” for evolvement with projects
  • Create channels/series on the site


  • Katie: Need a space to bring in volunteers


  • Question: Would it be easy to set up a DAM (digital asset management) in Drupal
  • Sam: Fairly routine


  • Consensus
  • Education
  • Action
  • Outreach
  • Needs/Offers
  • Coordination
  • Information
  • Categories work for projects and content


  • Need a way to get people involved
  • They get involved
  • The work they do gets pushed back out
  • Would like to be able to search for a topic/event/person and get everything related to that
  • We’ve been talking about thematic programming
  • On a timeline (e.g. Nov. 17 Twitter feeds, images, videos, etc.)


  • Consensual work environment
  • Would like segregation between collaboration and individual submission
  • Sam: a good way to do that is through visual language (not block of text)


  • I’d like to see something that is featured news
  • This is what happened today, this is what happened yesterday
  • We’re losing media battle
  • A lot of people aren’t connecting with Occupy Wall Street
  • I read a really great article in the UK Guardian
  • Need to get our message out, as an alternative to mainstream movement
  • We don’t have freedom of the press anymore, we have Pravda
  • We need to provide our own news
  • Concise, objective


  • Question: is Indy Media still in existence? Could we collaborate with them.
  • They don’t have a presence here


  • Press meets at Pret
  • On Broadway

Who is interested in spending time working to provide content – Content Team

  • Carlos
  • John
  • Andrew
  • Creating content is hare
  • We have a curation tool
  • People interested in curating content using news tool, we need help

Next Steps

  • Talk to people in your groups
  • Figure out your needs
  • Post updated site map – Tech Ops
  • Review site map and provide feedback – All


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