OccupyWallStreet.net Development Meeting Notes – 5/3/2012

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Development Meeting Notes – 5/3/2012



  • Andrew
  • Benj
  • Joe
  • Kurt
  • Patricia
  • Thiago


Team Communication

  • IRC freenode – #nycga-techops
  • Meetings Thursdays at 4pm on the Mumble, fallback to IRC
  • Move mumble to Discussion/OccupyWallStreetdotnet
  • Mailing list ows-net-dev@lists.occupy.net

{{Monthly occupywallstreet.net strategy meetings, including content team/dev/ux teams}}
<< When >> – not mondays-7pm (content team)  / thursdays-4pm (dev meeting)
Post tech weds? Thursday after Dev?

“connect with our team” points to /contact but should probably go to /contribute Add a “Develop” box, or revise “Contribute Skills”


Dev Workflow

  • <<Determine what non-story content needs to be a block or box >>
  • <<updating boxes needs to be done as part of weekly push/QA >><<QA>>
  • Editorial Workflow Where to the t’wain meet?

Onboarding, communications channels

  • {{Continue dev meetings on Thursday at 4pm in Mumble}}
  • {{Mumble room moving to Discussion/OccupyWallStreetdotnet}}
  • {{IRC freenode.org #nycga-techops}}
  • {{Mailing list ows-net-dev@lists.occupy.net}}

Content/Editorial feedback


  • {{Weekly push to live}} – only things in by X day would go in how do we keep that clean
  • weekly dev meeting or day after
  • Rolling in of features, when by whom
  • Upstream dev/test/live — trigger pulling, when by whom
  • Decision making about what goes out to live, quorum, lead times.

Triage Sprint(.61)

  • Contribute form – JS to send to civi
  • Workbench config ((Benj))
  • Fix story chip images ((thiago))
  • Mobile design for internals/doc ((thiago))
  • Photo credit ((thiago))
  • Story pills – should we add byline there, seems appropriate – members of the editorial side have requested this. ((thiago))
  • Credit Page ((benj/thiago)) Make sure doesn’t show up as story
  • If benj can create content type/page I can style/make
  • Better byline ((patricia)) By [Author name] | Posted [date and time] (I did this in CSS)
  • Filed under: tags tags tags (this exists already, but the tags aren’t clickable) (.61)
  • Originally published at [Publication name linked to specific article].  (optional) (this is what source is for – currently doesn’t allow links, however)
  • Mobile ((banghouse)) Joel is interested in focusing on the responsiveness – wants to oversee it and make sure it’s done right
  • find out how cron works with pantheon ((benj))


  • {{Blocks – content, updated by Editors}}
  • {{Boxes – config, or more permanent content updated by Admins (exported to Features)}}

I (Devin) went through the tickets in .6 and placed them in an order of preference.  Don’t know if this is useful but I gotta go and wanted to throw this info up:

  • Feature #662: Story and Event Detail Pages – Add Alt and Title Attributes
  • Task #531: Article Detail – Content Styling
  • Cosmetic #638: Learn Page – Document Tabs Don’t Display Correctly
  • Task #623: Contribute Page: Volunteer Form
  • Task #513: News Feed – Global OWS News
  • Feature #661: Story Detail Pages – Inline Media Display
  • Task #529: Article Detaail – Add Right Column Items
  • Feature #654: Contact Page – Make Location Blocks Activate Location on Map
  • Feature #655: Learn and Contribute Page – Make Image Text Editable
  • Feature #659: Read Page – Add Read More Link
  • Task #642: Default Image – Don’t Show Default Image in Story Detail (node)
  • Feature #508: Rotating Site Taglines
  • Cosmetic #618: Placeholder images in story
  • Task #402: Site Training

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