OccupyWallStreet.net Development Meeting Minutes – 3/15/2012

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Development Meeting Minutes – 3/15/2012


Development Meeting Notes


  • Benj
  • Joel
  • Patricia
  • Thiago


Repo Info

  • Need to go to dashboard.getpantheon.com
  • Need Sam’s info to access
  • Action: Thiago to contact Sam or Andrew Mallis to get info

Theme Files

  • Need files in order to replicate theme on Civi
  • Theme is still changing and quite a bit of configuration
  • Better to hold off until after launch

Features Behavior

  • Can video to play in place?
  • Text will overlap video
  • Video will extend outside the grid, over newswire widget
  • Decision: Remove the text overlay
  • Action: Figure out how to handle the paging dots (Thiago)
  • Action: Figure out how to adjust aspect ratio (Thiago)

Using slideshow (not flex slider)


  • Not sure will be able to get for launch
  • Push out to next phase
  • Figure out how to use OpenEmbed


  • Benj is having trouble with map
  • Not sure how to build
  • Click tab => display pin on the map
  • Action: Work on getting map working

Contribute Page

  • Copy on top of header image should be editable text
  • Action: Change to core block so it can be updated (core block)
  • Action: Provide header image
  • Events come from Event stories
  • Currently using posted date for display
  • Action: Change to use Event Date to display future events only (Show max 3)
  • In the future, will want a calendar (possibly use Full calendar module)


  • Add FAQs

Article Detail

Right column items

  • Action: Add right-column items
  • Decision: Tags will be displayed only (as on comp), but not linked/functional
  • Eventually, will got to a Read-like file
  • Categories displayed correspond to the Article Category
  • Related Articles will be pushed out to future phase
  • Task: Need Share links

Outstanding / Action Items

Home page

  • Newsfeed block styling
  • Unable to get active states to show diff color
  • Fix active and hover states for Stories (Thiago)
  • Decision: Sort by and tag filter on back burner

Read Page

  • Sort by and tag filter more useful on Read page (than Home)
  • Add sort by and tag filter

Images Needed

  • Header image for Learn page
  • Know your rights image
  • Yellow and white slide nav dots
    Action: Thiago to position

CSS (Thiago)

  • Position slider dots (homepage)
  • Fix active and hover states for Stories (Thiago)
  • Thiago hasn’t worked on CSS
  • Wasn’t able to access files

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