occupywallstreet.net Development Meeting Notes – 3/1/2012

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Development Meeting Notes



  • Benj
  • Joel
  • Patricia


  • Joel was not able to work at all yesterday
  • Worked a couple hours today only
  • Will be working for several hours tonight
  • Read page has been added
  • Action: Remove featured and news feed
  • Action: Add diff featured block
  • Contextual fields have been added to Stories
  • Stories categorized as Events will have Time and Location fields
  • Action: Patricia to test

Feeds widget

  • Some items have images in the body – feed shouldn’t display images,
  • Action: Benj to try to suppress display of images

Content training and management

  • Ready to do some testing
  • Action: Patricia to begin testing roles and reporting problems
  • Content Manager role will be adding/modding content on other pages: Contribute, Learn, Contact

Contribute Views

  • Action: Benj to create


  • Action: Patricia to provide info about forms -> Civi
  • Action: Patricia to provide demo user name
  • Action: Patricia to get clarity on on what is expected for Civi integration

Page Designs
Currently have

  • Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Read
  • Article detail
  • Event detail
  • Contribute

Next Steps

  • Provide Learn and Contact comps – Patricia/Thiago
  • Provide image dimensions – Patricia
  • Provide more info on Civi – Patricia
  • Create Contribute page views – Benj
  • Update Read page layout – Joel
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