occupywallstreet.net Development Meeting Notes – 2/28/2012

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  • Benj
  • Joel
  • Patricia


Contribute Page


  • A new story type needed
  • Ideally, if the story Category = Event, then additional fields would appear:
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Action: Benj to look into this to see how viable this is
  • Alternatively, we could rely on content managers to enter this info into the body of the story


  • Issue: Text is plain text and doesn’t link (even though a link is included in the body)
  • Action: Problem is, if changed to HTML, doesn’t appear – Benj to investigate

Media Mover

  • Not available for Drupal 7

News from the Occupations

  • Decision: Tags Filter – Not going to implement
  • Decision: Share functions – Not going to implement
  • Action: Needs to display source info

Quick Tabs

  • Issue: Having trouble styling
  • Action: Benj and Joel to collar on this to find a solution
  • Video and Livestream not implemented on homepage yet
  • Action: Implement
  • Action: Change nodequeue tabs name to be called Featured Items
  • Done!

Newsfeed Widget

  • Action: Need to show headline, excerpt and date
  • Decision: No icon/image will be displayed


  • Decision: Filters and sorting will be implemented, as planned


Import form – awaiting email web form
Need image dimensions

Next Steps

  • Benj and Joel to continue development
  • Meet again Thursday at 4pm
  • Patricia to provide image dimensions
  • Only a single version of the final comps should be added to final directory in Dropbox

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