occupywallstreet.net Development Meeting Notes – 2/23/2011

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Development Meeting Notes – 2/23/2012




  • Benj
  • Joel
  • Pea



  • Blocks
    • Designs not finished
    • Need organized files
  • Homepage about 60% done
    • Styled, but some things aren’t rendering yet
  • Feed Widget not displaying correct content fields
  • Featured image style – had an issue with styling correctly
    • Not displaying correct content fields


  • Worked on View Config and Content Types – Video and QuickTabs are set up
  • Footer blocks need to be dynamic
  • Stay Informed field
    • Not sure how it’ll work
    • Plan to have it send to Civi



  • Media module is installed, but won’t be using for phase 1
  • Videos will be embedded, managed from YouTube
  • Look at Media Mover to help upload and process to YouTube and provide embed link for site
    • Would make it easier for content team to manage videos


  • Need to have a drop-down menu with Categories (News, Editorial, Highlight, etc)
  • Will be editable
  • Should be required, but no default value

Feeds Widget

  • Decision: Forego the image
  • Will only display excerpt and time
  • Widget will scroll – not sure if that’s natively possible with QuickTabs

Next Steps

  • Additional meeting next week on Tuesday at 4pm.


  • Provide image height/width
  • Provide character limit for excerpt in field
  • Add real feeds


  • Fix Featured image style
  • Finish setting up homepage and interior pages
    • 99% sure he’ll have this done by Tuesday


  • Continue View Config and Content Types


  • Complete all comps
  • And add some movement/life to the Contribute page (give it a some emotive quality)
  • Organize¬†final¬†Illustrator and PNG files into a single folder once complete

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