occupywallstreet.net Development Meeting Notes – 1/26/2012

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  • Time: Thursday, Jan 26, 4pm


Report Backs
  • Benj to send Joel PGP file to get access to Pantheon instance
  • Benj to created initial module list; Joel added theming modules
  • Patricia to updated and expanded spec – team was to review and comment
  • Break files apart onto layers for Joel and Make homepage Media Cutoff comps (Tuesday 24)
Next Steps

Meeting Notes

Project Management
  • Rather than a single module list
  • Break into individual tickets along lines of features – Benj to do
  • Lippe is confused by the sub-projects in Redmine
  • Should we merge into a single project?
  • Decision: leave as is for now
  • Benj and Joel are in
For Next Week’s Meeting
  • Joel will test Mumble for future use
  • Note: Meeting went over by 45min, partly due to technical difficulties – Joel will use Firefox for next call
Discussed “nodes”
  • There is a disconnect between the nodes that Cari is describing and Drupal nodes
  • Question about livestream embeds, particular module
  • Din being used
  • Rosario – body font
  • None reported
Next Steps
  • Review and provide feedback on modules
  • Review and provide feedback on specs
  • Making workflow proposal
  • Review and discuss requirements with Patricia
  • Meet with Design and contributing to comp dev
  • Create Archives
  • Post tickets for design needs
  • Review Illustrator files
  • Connect with Thiago for any questions
  • Build basic theme structure
  • Review func spec
  • Enter modules and features in Redmine
  • Flesh out content matrix structure and specs
  • Begin adding actual content into the matrix
  • Enter tasks into Redmine based on tasks we reviewed above
  • Will begin attending content meetings on Mondays

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