occupywallstreet.net Development Meeting Notes – 1/18/2012

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Benj – Site Builder
Joel – Themer / Site Builder
Lippe – Workflow Master
Patricia – Project Coordinator / UX
Thiago – UX / Designer
  • Will we use Drupal 6 or 7
  • Decision: Consensus on D7
Content Workflow  
  • Development dependencies
  • Decisions may have access implications
  • Need to keep simple enough to move forward quickly, but not require refactoring
Theme Reuse
  • Ideally would be able provide code base for other occupations to use in the future
Development Environment
  • Have discussed Pantheon
  • Pantheon may not be available for serving production (not sure)
  • Set up specifically for Drupal
  • Has good workflow tools
  • Has its own single Git repo
  • No shell access?
  • Benj uses Git for dev and prod, DB not shared
  • Deploys done via Git and running Drupal updates as needed
  • Joel has used web-enabled
  • Feels OK with using Pantheon
  • Decision: Start developing on Pantheon; once ready, can bring to group where we want to have site served from
  • We have a Pantheon account (Joel)
  • Action: Send Joel PGP file to get access
Project Management/Issue Tracking
  • NYCGA Forums has been used for public display of project info.
  • Patricia will take responsibility to adding info to Forums
  • Tickets should be used only for decided tasks
  • Decision: Use Redmine for project management and issue tracking
  • Action: Lippe talk to Mallis about redmine admins (hes adding it to redmine RIGHT NOW!)
  • Regular meetings or as needed?
  • Decision: Regular meetings 30 – 45 min, Thursdays, 4pm
  • Future Meetings: Will test some other services for future use
  • When does the Drupal actually start?
Next Steps
  • Functionality
  • Hamming out details of functionality
  • Decision: Will use Forums in projects.occupy.net for collaborating on this
  • Action: Patricia to update and expand spec; team to review and comment
  • Modules List
  • Benj to create initial: Modules list – Views, Context, Features, Nodequeue?, QuickTabs?, Workbench?, Media
  • * Favorite “slider” module? for the main Featured content block
  • Development Workflow
  • Joel and Benj will be contact to work out dev workflow in Drupal IRC
  • Design Comps
  • Need comps for other page sizes: Phones, tablets, etc
  • What should be shown and if there are any different design elements
Pulling images in pre-defined sizes is complicated with responsive design?
Thiago Todos
  • Break files apart onto layers for Joel (Tuesday 24th)
  • Make homepage Media Cutoff comps (Tuesday 24th)
Open Questions (breakout meeting)
  • What will power ‘subscribe’ signup? if it’s Civi, where does it go (it at least needs to go in a non-official constituent spot, but that’s for Civi maintainers to decide).
  • Refine ‘autocomplete’ filtering.
  • Specify which content comes from site backend and what comes from news.occupy and which team/channel tagsets each come from (in spec)

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