occupywallstreet.net Content Meeting Notes – 2/18/2011

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OccupyWallStreet.net – Content Meeting



  • Shawn
  • Marisa
  • Darrell
  • Patricia
  • Owen
  • Others

Project Overview

  • Scope of site is for the New York City General Assembly Occupation
  • Big red “donate” button
  • Concern that there might be backlash from people without computers
  • It is a website which requires internet access


  • People submit, and a curator reviews, and a copy editor checks it for spelling and facts, and then a content manager puts it on to the site
  • Concern: Issues may come up regarding possible turf issues… who gets to be content manager, fact checker, etc
  • Will test and modify as needed.
  • Shawn wants to get deeper into this, play the roles in the launch content phase, and see how it plays out


  • CQ: How do we decide what does and doesn’t go up on the site?
  • Shawn: Horizontalism doesn’t mean nothing gets rejected
  • Content team can condense on moving forward with a story

Dinner break..

(lots of people leave)

Content Submission Needs


  • Owen wants to do the climate change content..
  • Informational pieces on NDAA and ACTA
  • Natasha from Tidal for mayday
  • OccuTrip – Collaboratively written
  • F29 –

Stories about Working Groups

  • Charlie wants to do a three part history of the Library.
  • Cara from outreach do a story on outreach, what canvassing is like.
  • Kitchen
  • Archives – N17 told through occupy map and tweets
  • Street Medics – Collaborative
  • Carrie wanted to do something from direct democracy.


  • We’d need to check on permissions to reprint stuff off the wire



  • Rotating tag lines under the title, different each time
  • Fuck Monsanto…
  • remnd other peoples

Story Categories

  • News
  • Opinion
  • GA Consensed Statements


Language Requirements

  • Initial Launch – ability to publish in different languages
  • Future Release Consider – Site translation
  • Owen will translate GA statements into Spanish

Other Needs

  • Analytics
  • Word Counts
  • Photos

Content Submission

  • Update occupywallstreet.net to add submissions CTA

Occupywallstreet.net is coming soon.
We intend to create a public face to Occupy Wall Street by sharing stories that are current, topical and informed.
We invite you to contribute content.


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