occupywallstreet.net Content Meeting Notes – 12/26/2011

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occupywallstreet.net content meeting
Agenda (from event listing)
1 Report back from TechOps on site status
2 Media/Pr/Press/Tech: what’s working and what’s not with our current content strategy?
   PR/Press (relating to occupywallst.org)
   OWS-photo (nycga.net/groups/ows-photo-working-group?)
3 Ideas for stories and sections
4 What does a consensus-led website look like?
5 Recruiting and training content contributors: who and how.
6 Misc. / “Bike rack”
1 Report back from TechOps on site status
Given Pantheon instance
Pantheon hosting offers streamlined dev workflow which will benefit folks who are currently working on site
Site code will be in git, can be mirrored or managed from https://github.com/FLOSolutions
Site DB can duped to other server on regular basis
@todo check implications of DDOS as reported on livestream sites
2 Media/Pr/Press/Tech: what’s working and what’s not with our current content strategy?
PR/Press (relating to occupywallst.org)
Publishing info via …st.org is a bottleneck
4 people responsible for publishing content?
Submissions made via:
– Direct email (various) or general@
– Posting to PR-list (closed list)
NYC-GA WG info as listed on …st.org:
– PR google # that forwards to various phone
– press@ checked by various members of WG
PR/Press often sends directly to contacts list
No direct channel for publishing content online
Current workflow:
Dump to shared server for editing (optional)
Upload to YouTube as private link
Post link to google group (globalrev), allow 24hrs for subscribers to post objections
If consensus is reached (almost always) video becomes public
No mechanism for promoting videos through the web
Globalrevolution is @ thames (SE)
Livestream Media subgroup on Lafayette
@todo Discuss missing livestream archives, potential to mirror archives
No mechanism for promoting Livestream
No mechanism for directing folks to the Livestream account covering GA and Spokes
TechOps and Archive should get together
DA isn’t coming to PR (can site help to serve as a conduit to PR?)
DA needs help alerting content producers of opportunities to film actions
DA’s SMS is an important part of OWS communications channels
Outreach (~15 people)
Is doing a lot of canvasing, stickers, flyers, bills.
Has very strong connections to other NYC GAs
Uses other organizations as conduits for promoting OWS events
Receive inquiries from other GAs, consense on whether WG supports via outreach, canvasing, printing
Holds (currently?) “community organizer luncheons”: invite community organizers, provide templates for promoting OWS
Germinating the idea of pooling canvasing resources amongst other GAs
Handles printing budget
Covers all 5 boroughs – extending to Rockaways
Potential occupywallstreet.net feature: Printable outreach campaigns materials. (+archives of past campaigns?)
ComHub has a drop box of working group profiles that are worth accessing
Collecting WG needs, helping to match those needs
Potential occupywallstreet.net feature: ComHub could offer story leads for other groups to follow up.
OWSPhoto (nycga.net/groups/ows-photo-working-group?)
Steven Weber
Is putting together blog
Still need: Arts and Culture, Occupy Comics, etc
Misc. / Bike Rack
Feature: Summary of GA/spokes activity
Meta: Editorial policy
“Editorial features:”
– Linkbacks to inform strategy
– Analytics

3 Responses to “occupywallstreet.net Content Meeting Notes – 12/26/2011”

  1. Lippe

    +potential feature: Storing templates/materials used in community organizer luncheons organized by Outreach?

    • Patricia L

      Glad this meeting happened. Sorry I couldn’t be there, am outta town until Tues. night.

      Would be great to have downloadable materials available on the site. We also talked about having press kits and graphics such as poster art.

  2. Thiago

    Excellent stuff, this will really help revise the existing mid/long-term wireframes—and thats a great thing. Seems like UX/workflow on the backend is going to be an increasingly important (and very much non-trivial) bit, time to familiarize myself with workbench and drupal cms features. Looking forward to participating once I get back.