occupywallstreet.net Content Meeting Notes – 12/13/2011

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”’Summarized Notes”’

General idea: nycga is for people immersed in the culture and occupywallstreet.net is for people on the outside looking in.

* Event Lists (all, curated, media requested)
* Media coverage suggest box and media coverage request form
* User tagging and/or channel functionality on the videos
* Survey with video prompts and the ability for people to upload video/audio
* Keep content positive
* Aggregate content from around the country
** newsletters with relevant content (interests, locality)
** pr contact profiles in CRM so the press gets the right content
* voting on content with most popular rising to the top
* mobile solution with the who, what, when and where of an event
* clear category titles
* resist using jargon
* related content
* content can be organized through interests and/or working group names
* collect useful resources for the movement

”’Raw Notes”’

[http://notes.occupy.net/p/owscontent12-13 Raw notes]

* Report back from dev team
** drupal based website
* Visions for NYCGA.net + OccupyWallStreet.net
** Tutorial for using NYCGA.net
* What we need from a public facing website
* Outlining Use Cases
** “Did you see that video…”
* Categories and Channels
* Domains
* Getting people involved on content production
* for media
** curated event list with request for media coverage (we could bake alerts to nycga.net)
** Form to present ideas for shoots
** Suggestion box at occupywallstreet.net
** Tagging functionality on the videos
*** (Consent and Antioppression content stream)
** Survey about what people think about the movement, possibly with video prompts and the ability to upload content in whatever medium they’d like.
* for branding dude
** Indexing information is a problem
** Getting rid of the nycga.net news feed
** Prodomentently positive content
** Design a survey to overcome our biases
* for pr
** content aggregation into CCK
** distribution through contact list
** defining the needs/desires of contacts to place them with the best content possible
* group
** content voting
** mobile solution with the who, what, when and where of an event
** use the site to get people to GAs
** we’re using categories that aren’t a part of common speech
** insider culture being created through the development of jargon
** people are finding it difficult – a one stop shop for news and info
** go to the GA – use content to attract people to the GA!
* concerning nycga
** related content
** group categories
nycga is for people immersed in the culture
ows.net is for people from the outside
* content categories
** consensus
** media working group
** occupier content
** general (external) news
* group categories
** news (inner)
** information and coordination
** action
** arts and culture
** consensus and direct democracy -> resource
* popular content curation
** categorization through source/editor definition

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