occupywallstreet.net Content Meeting Notes – 01/02/2012

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Meeting Introduction
Names and Introductions
TechOps Report Back
* Design Review
* Layout
Flow for Content, Sources
* Where does the content come from?  There are good ideas but who will be there everyday to write and curate the content.
* Things will only be able to move forward if people bottomline projects.
* The process for the site will be open so don’t complain, get involved.
<action item: how much content do we need to be creating?>
<action item: create an editorial team>
<action item: content flow, color coding and working group blogs>
* Arts and culture are doing interesting stuff with thier site.  So is Occupy Museums.
* It would be very helpful to have a media map – categories.?
* Groups using subblogs is great but we need a core team interested in working solely on the site.
* People who blog on occupywallstnyc have a tweet boat that coudl help us.
* One group of people create tweets and another curate/edit it.  {we need a process for review}
* It’s going to take a lot of time to curate all this content.
* On Tidal when we curate we think about the topics that need to go in first then ask people to write around the prompt: edit and then publish. {we need publishing guidelines: what an editor can and can’t do.}
* We need to develop stories deliberately – not just let curated items coming up.
* We should make a list of people who want to participate in the editorial/curatorial team.
Jeane: written for several blogs/info sites including Yahoo news on a consistent basis.  On average I can do 5-10 500 word articles a day – a few hours a day. Flexible.
Matt: LiveStream, twitter, design group and decent writing, social media, etc.  I could put in a few hours/day.
Jake: Tech stuff
Ravi: Design the communication strategy of my department, supervise 5-6 writers, social media, editting, overall editorial, etc.  A few hours a day.
Tim: Lots of content production.  Can’t promise any time commitments but will be producing lots of relevant content
John: Similar to Tim, I will share lots of my content with the effort.  Does WBAI.
Shawn: I create content and tweet for actions, put useful information out there.  Do some long form blogging.  Editorial and curation.
Natasha: OccupyTheory is ready to give all their submissions to the project – be available to curate.
Elizabeth: Livestream and tweet daily – really wants to focus on making Livestream more functional.  Want distribution for Livestream channel.
Molly: More of a technical and content flow person involved with the Drupal community so while it’s not my skill to create content but work with the digital tools to improve the process of content flows.
Laughton: Interested in photo and video stuff – writing and connect the TV show content people with OWS.net
Tom: Interested in housing and banking – a few hours a week.
Devin: Helping groups organize to produce good content, open data projects, occupation investigations.
Tony: OccupyPortland did everything at OccupyPortland.  Do web design, blog, videography and a writer.
* Jeanea, Matt, Tony, Natasha, Laughton, Tom, Elizabeth, Shawn
Curators – receives content and deciding what goes on the site, editing and fact checking
* Devin, Shawn, Laughton, Tom, Ravi
* Molly, Devin, Jake, Tony, Matt
What is the public looking for? (Digit
* Sources of research
* How we can figure things out
When are good meeting times.

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