OccupyWallSteet.net Editorial Meeting Notes

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  • Devin
  • Harry
  • Kelli
  • Linnea
  • Pea
  • Rebecca
  • Thiago

Agenda Items

  • Tech – Needs/issues, Thiago show and tell
  • Inter-media communication – Newsletter and site communication
  • Content spreadsheet
  • Editorial process


Editorial Process

  • Should be easier way for people to write to submit articles (Harry)
    • Is there any reason more people can’t be publishing content?
  • There is a question of trust that the content will be good (Linnea)
    • How to build a system of trust with the team
  • There are some technical constraints

(Pea’s note: posting content and publishing content aren’t the same. We intended to have a process that allowed people to enter stories that would be then reviewed/modified by editors. A content placement person would then check formatting, etc. and publish to the site. We had technical issues with the workflow. So, the editor role posts, edits and publishes.)

  • Would like to have a blog, producing content (Harry, Kelli)

Criteria for Content

  • Was discussed in a previous meeting that content should be related to action, should be about getting people out on the street (Rebecca)
    • It’s possible that peoples idea about what might motivate people to get out on the street might differ (Harry)
  • No research only articles, that don’t relate to action (Rebecca)

(Pea’s note: got lost while taking notes. Since previous meeting only had 2 people, Kelli and Rebecca, didn’t seem like this was completely resolved.)


  • Economic justice
  • Reclaiming the commons
  • Occupy-related


What’s needed

  • Category archives
  • Social media – Rebecca this this is most import
  • Search
  • Media – Rebecca thinks this is most important

Tagging clean-up

  • Need to agree on standardized tags
  • What are the tags?


  • Change Read to Story (consensus reached on this)
  • Change Learn to About (consensus reached on this)
  • What would the sub-pages of Stories be?
    • Text, Video, Audio (?)

Content Matrix


  • Linnea and Devin working on updating this to reflect current situation


  • People who have signed up to be subscribed – where is the info going?
  • The newsletter team has moved to Salsa so new subscribers wouldn’t be getting newsletter

Need a technical working meeting

(Pea’s note: not sure if date/location was set for this)


  • Would be good to have a blog section, separate from the stories, where bloggers can write (Kelli)
  • The bloggers should be vetted
  • (This subject left unresolved)

Occupy Info Twitter

  • To be handed over to street.net – 16K followers
  • Kelli willing to take over posting
  • Posts would be for new articles

Future Editorial Meetings

  • Tuesdays, bi-weekly, varying locations
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