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Hi all — I just announced that I am doing a teach-in on Twitter next week at Occupy Austin. @justinstoned asked me to pop here and open a discussion on it, so we can share our notes as he said you are interested in similar classes here.

My idea is that Twitter is one of the infohubs of this movement, and we need to get as many people on it, reporting their experiences in 140 characters. I also think it’s a good way to build community by having people in our group tweeting at each other. Also, as Occupy Austin twitter magnet, I want to get more people to subscribe to or follow @occupyaustin so we can keep them informed. Here is the class description:

Twitter, a simple social network for communicating short messages in
140 characters, has become a crucial part of the Occupy movement
globally, as well as in the Arab Spring uprisings. Though many fancy
phone and laptop aps are available, its simplicity means that a
twitter message can reach almost anyone who has a mobile phone,
even if they only have text messages.

This class will be a basic introduction to the use of Twitter on any
device. You should bring a laptop, smart phone, or ANY mobile phone
capable of sending and receiving text messages. The class will cover
the creation of a new twitter account, finding others, sending
messages, and how to use hashtags to ensure you can share Occupy
events with the world. A basic hand-out will be provided.


The handout will cover basic Twitter terminology, and the commands you can use to tweet on your mobile phone. I plan to weigh the crowd and see what kind of tools they have with them and adjust my emphasis, but my main point is that anyone can be on twitter and the more of us there the stronger our social news stream.

Definitely will be sharing the handout when its written. Definitely will be open to suggestions and discussion here.

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