Occupy Your Workplace (OYWP) Minutes 3/4/12

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Occupy Your Workplace (OYWP) Minutes 3/4/12

In attendance: Dave H, Robin B, Chris M, Yoel B, Sam T, Michael B

Minutes: Sam T


  • Intros (5 min)
  • Working Group re-definition (30 minutes)
  • Survey (10 min)
  • May 1st (15 min)
  • S_____ (10 min)
  • 99% Spring (10 min)
  • Training/teach-in (10 min)
  • Announcements (5 min)


W.G. re-definition

  • Dave: We have two options moving forward –continue to meet at 60 Wall or meet elsewhere.

o  The original idea was people would come from workplaces to meet us at 60 Wall, but no longer sure that meeting space is comfortable

o  Meeting elsewhere might also have the advantage of making it more of an event

  • Yoel: meeting somewhere else also addresses privacy issues
  • Sam: reminded group of Eric D’s idea, that we could leaflet in a commercial neighborhood and meet THAT SAME EVENING somewhere in the neighborhood.
  • Dave: Proposal: March 11 meet somewhere else to discuss Left Forum, March 18 meet at 60 Wall after Left Forum, March 25thleaflet and meet somewhere else
  • Sam: Friendly amendment – March 25thmight be better committed to 99% spring, let’s wait till that discussion to plan that weekend.
  • Amendment accepted, proposal passes consensus



  • Sam: report – survey finalized this week, but it’s not really in a lot of hands. We have to push it out on the lists.
  • Michael: need to emphasize to people “Are you happy at your current job?”
  • Yoel – use survey for outreach, not just inreach


May 1st

  • Dave: should we plan for May 2nd to protest at any workplaces where there are retaliations against people who act on May 1st?
  • Sam: Yes, should be part of support, but not really sure we are going to see major workplace actions. Mentioned about F29 Walmart warehouse action: http://www.salon.com/2012/03/02/occupy_invades_americas_storage_shed/

o  Thinking about workplace actions – how big of a committee in the workplace do we need before we do direct action?

  • Yoel: key thing is that the committee asks us to do it
  • Dave: innovation of Occupy is action is not on behalf of someone, we act for ourselves


  • Chris: Press Release delayed, but good because more input is being sought from workers

o  New round of conversation with union local

  • Brief discussion on strategic pros and cons of strategy for contacting union


99% Spring

  • Sam: have you heard about the 99% Spring? (the99spring.com )
  • Dave: is it Dem party?
  • Sam: it’s not not Dem party. (in other words, sorta).
  • Yoel: it’s labor, community, and enviro groups
  • Dave: if it’s seen by Occupy as Dem party co-optation, we shouldn’t be involved
  • Chris: second that
  • Sam: Van Jones’ name comes up in a search. Dave should ask people he respects, but in general it’s a mistake to refuse involvement with groups b/c there are people involved you don’t agree with in them.
  • Chris: not all one way or the other, though. Sometimes good to be more radical.
  • Yoel: We don’t need to be more radical than Occupy, though, so if Occupy is with it, we should be with it, too


  • Yoel: maybe weekend of April 14th-15th

o  Depends on whether we get involved in 99% spring

  • Dave: it’ll be good to have something to invite lots of people to, people who won’t come to meetings



  • Monday 3/5, Taxi Worker’s Alliance rally, 2:30pm @ QML 21-03 44th Ave (LIC)
  • Tues 3/6, The LINE – unemployment demo, 8:00am on Broadway stretching from Wall Street Bull and Union Square. Look for people with “pink slips”
  • Wed 3/7, Brandworker’s Campaign going public, 12:30pm, meet at 44th Rd & 11th St (BKLYN) in front of Ryder
  • Wed 3/7, Racism, Resistance, and Workplace Organizing (Rank & File forum), 6-8pm, CWA 1180, 6 Harrison St (Tribeca)
  • Fri 3/9 & Sat 3/10, Toward a New Labor Movement (Murphy center symposium), all day Fri, 10-1:30pm Sat
  • Sat 3/10, Occupy at the Crossroads (ISO forum), NYU – Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, Room 802



  • Sam: work on general outreach leaflet, paper survey
  • Dave: get login for occupyyourworkplace@gmail.com , make Sam admin on nycga.net group
  • Yoel: investigate 99% Spring
  • Chris, Sam, Dave: prepare for Left Forum

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