Occupy Your Workplace Minutes 02/26/12

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Occupy Your Workplace


Meeting at the Odessa Restaurant after the Occupy Town Square at Tompkins Square Park

S___ Organizing

  • Discussions ongoing, may go public soon.
  • Possible press release and informational picket.
  • Agreed that support of this campaign will be a major group activity.


  • Next draft for online distribution is finished and ready to be sent out.
  • UPDATE: this has been sent out a few times to many lists.  Responses coming in. Survey is here:


  • Need to finalize a short paper version for handing out at meetings.

Left Forum

  • Panel abstract was finalized, to be sent to Left Forum for the website.


  • Discussion for the workshop will happen later this week.

Focus on the Food Chain

  • Update on the situation at a workplace in Queens, workers may go public soon.
  • UPDATE: this campaign has gone public. Brandworkers have sent out info on this.


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