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Occupy Your Workplace


Present: Eric, Elizabeth, Dave, Alex, Chris, Jean


Group Status/Outreach Efforts

  • Many people have signed up over time as interested in the group and have been invited to join the list-serve, but many haven’t joined.  We will reinvite the list of people as a reminder.
  • We should all invite our contacts to join the Facebook group.  Dave will send an email to the list with the FB group link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/304746022910503/
  • Flyers about the group were distributed at the Occupy Town Square at West Park Church.  The next Occupy Town Square is on Sunday, Feb 26th at Tompkins Square Park from 11am-5pm, http://www.facebook.com/occupytownsq.

S_____ Update

  • Organizing continues for a new contract at the store.
  • Could think about the formation of a workers support committee that can start to take solidarity actions.
  • Would be useful to have a fact sheet to educate the public about the negotiations.

Website Information

Worker Survey

  • Eric has updated the survey with suggestions from group members.  He has tried to put it online using a free survey tool, but it still needs more work.  He will send updated info about the survey out to the group soon.

Left Forum

  • Our group has a panel registered at the conference.  We need to plan the panel.  A subcommittee will try to meet over the next week to generate ideas.

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