Occupy Wall Street Mission Statement

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Occupy Wall Street: Archive Mission Statement

The Occupy Wall Street Archive is an institutionally-independent collection of historical material created and distributed in and around Liberty Plaza of ephemera, signs, and audiovisual materials.

Occupy Wall Street Archives Working Group is created to ensure that the Occupy Wall Street movement will own its past. Its mission is to keep OWS historically self-conscious, and guarantee that our history will be accessible to the public.
Occupy Wall Street Archives Working Group is a collecting initiative, which preserves, safeguards, and makes accessible the records of OWS. It is the repository of the legacy which we will leave for the future generations.
Occupy Wall Street Archives Working Group collects ephemera, signs, posters, audiovisual materials, digital files, photographs, oral histories, and artifacts. It stands as an evidence of how participatory democracy can work, how culture and politics connect, and how the 99% can come together to generate social and economic change.
Occupy Wall Street Archives Working Group also documents the decision making process of the OWS General Assembly, the Spokes Council and the records of the working groups. It guarantees that OWS remains a transparent movement. The archive ensures the accountability of OWS by documenting our ideas, ideals, strategies, structure, tactics, politics, and culture of OWS and the way it has helped reshape the political discourse in New York, the nation, and the world.

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