Occupy Wall Street Disability Caucus 3/13/12 at 60 Wall St. Atrium, 5:30 to 715pm

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3/13/12 OWS Disability Caucus

Daniel Robert
Ellen Kaufman-Nuzzi
Philip Bennett
Larry,  Danny’s PA
Carr Massi
Pat Walls
Connie Lesold
Anita Love-Williams

COOLS: cultural occupation of liberty sq. every day through month of march.  We haven’t participated yet.
We discuss participating:
Connie: someone can talk about the history of PWDs in the arts.  People with Psych. disabilities can show their art.
Connie: Healthcare Committee doesn’t represent us.  We must work to close Kingsborough, not keep it open.  We should use the money spent on Kingsborough for housing.
Danny: we should put post on the DC site that anyone wanting to perform at COOLS should do so.
Connie: we must join with the larger community, not try doing anything by ourselves.
March 17, this Sat. 1pm- on OWS will try re-occupying Zacotti Park.
We discuss names of people who play guitar.
March 24th is when we’d ask people to perform.
We also must plan for May 1st strike day.
We all must use the the website.  But it can only be added to if you’re an administrator.
Mission statement: Danny wrote “a little something” and he reads it.
Owen: announcements: Three items: April 1st Demo at Bklyn Bridge, both sides; another site Occupy Wall Street.net being developed, DS should write article for it; for back-burner: President will be at Barnard College commencement May 14th, we should be there.
Anita: OWS has opened my eyes and I’m glad to be part of it.
Connie: March 22 at 1545 Atlantic Ave. (Troy & Albany Ave) will have a disability day.  State may want to close it.
Burger Commission closes hospitals because they’re poor.  Community Boards have been excluded from the process.  Black community has been losing the most in every area.  We must protect Interfaith Hospital and improve it.
We are adjourned.

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  1. Nick Dupree

    Since we’re talking about hospital closures, I should mention… Coler-Goldwater, the facility with the greatest number of “ventilator beds” in the U.S., is closing both campuses on Roosevelt Island and moving the remaining patients and staff to a new “Goldwater North” campus at the site of the old abandoned North Harlem hospital. I hope we can carry forward the message that being ventilator-dependent doesn’t mean you must be facility-dependent, and get more folks out of institutionalization during these closures.