Occupy Records Meeting Minutes 10.29.11

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Occupy Records Kickoff Minutes


Alphonzo – Musician, Occupy Records co-organizer

Rick – Producer

Stephan – Artists/difrent.org

Michael – Musician

John – Studiofeed/organizer

Mor – Audio Engineer ( has studio )

Avatar: Stack – multi-disciplinary artist

Renae – Music guild co-organizer

Todd – Works with Avatar (has studio)

Denny – Radio DJ, musician


R: Discussing meeting process (hand signs, stack etc)


S: we don’t really need to use this whole ‘occupy’ process for this meeting, as it’s a small group w a separate thing…


Everyone – agreed:


Al: Let’s get into this….


Everyone introduces themselves –


Al – Discussing occupy records handout.   How do we best serve Music + Activism.


Denny  – steps in and discusses something about occupy records/radio…steps away..


…Back to Alfonzo discussing purpose of occupy records, the platform, its purpose, its goals, practical vision etc – again, a lot of this is from the sheet so I will not type verbatim what is being said…


Mi: The park is unsustainable (homeless taking over etc) – music is so important to keep it going (once park is gone etc)…Also, he has an idea to meet at a central space (meetup.com), anyone who joins could suggest a meet-up and screened by the guild…


R: started a meet up group herself, and now has 7k people who have expressed interest (meetup.com) again…


Mi: developed this thing also, he has it all set up.


Rick: is cool with creative commons, but doesn’t know which one to use (4 different licenses)  – he goes through them….(im not going to type them out, its available online).  He also wants to make sure the burocracy doesn’t stifle the creative energy


Re: She thinks we should not have separate groups (needs to be brought back to a GA etc) – licensing etc we just have to make sure if this part of the ‘occupy’ process it should be a part of the whole group….is it going to be under the umbrella or not…


Al: how this relates to larger movement?  It has the name ‘occupy’, he wants it to serve this movement – he wants it to be the part of the movement…..he doesn’t want to be a tastemaker etc- he just wants to build a platform to serve the movement.


Re: She appreciates the words, but stuff is already going on, so how do we bring it back to the group effort…


St: has been contacted about this by a lot of people and a lot of contentious stuff – Difrent has a very similar platform  – but Separate form the movement…without claiming ‘occupy name’…He’s brining up all the different “occupy” stuff (airwaves, etc) – he thinks the movement is defined by limitless and autonomy.  The name ‘records’ attaches some proprietary stuff, and thus runs up against some of the whole ‘ownership’ issue.   Due process and identity issues re: the name ‘occupy records’.  He’s mentioning examples of people have circumvented the system.    Generally questioning whether the


To:  Appreciates the spirit of the movement, wants to support it, he wants to support the movement.  He has a studio, makes music etc.

Keeps hearing the word ‘autonomy’ – reading David Leahy, who uses the word ‘metonomy’ – “withness”, he thinks this is important.  How does it remain everyone’s.


Mi: Thinks ‘do something let the chips fall where they may’ – if we are to do things like this, we need to consider…He thinks we ‘need’ a leader of some kind..


Al: The spirit of this movement is real. Important.  He has no personal attachment.   Wants to present a unified front.  Addressing the intricacies of the name ‘records etc’, he thinks it may be a secondary issue to the point of actually doing it….wants to be cooperative.


St: Indeed, things need to get done.  Things are already happening.  The movement has to be autonomous, so that all the metonomous things can happen…he’s getting emails from people that worried about how its going to serve the movement best without creating conflict.   There are issues of making the movement a commodity.  Commoditizing makes it a major issue.


Mi:  Leave money out completely


Re: Spokes council model has been made/formed…part of an overall process.  Money is an issue, how to handle it etc.  Venues have fked them over (agreements were broken etc).  Tells us about an example of how a venue screwed them over.


St: Media is taking advantage of some of the differences.


Mi: Still saying without money everything it should be ok.


Re:  Saying that you cannot separate out money.  We have to deal with the reality that there are groups already in place.  If you feel you want to move forward, do it….She wants to go through the process…google groups (arts + culture) music guild meetings etc, go to the new website nycga.net…this is an evolutionary process, people are working on making ‘communication’ better.


New Guy (slim)  – what’s all the talk about money, its everyones movement – you can’t stifle the creative process etc –


Ri: Sees value in looping in with other groups, he wants info. on what the movement


Re: She’s not trying to stifle this thing, its not her talking, she’s talking.  She’s not convinced that this is convinced it is with the entire music guild.   She wants it infront of the music guild.


Av: This needs to happen – difficult to come to all the meetings, he likes the idea, he likes the group


To: wants to help people get involved.


Mor:  wants to personally contribute, its giving him a platform


Me:  Needs to be a platform, we need to harness this energy


Mi:  Need to harness it – procedure needs to be balanced with doing it


Denny:   Really loves the site – loves the design.  Better then Facebook etc – it’s a tight, fair site.   Everyone has to play in the sandbox.  He thinks everyone needs to be at the movement.   He is in.


St: Whether or not anyone of these music portals should be the definitive one for occupied.  It’s the reason why Difrent is not saying anything…if we restrict the power of music to just ‘occupy’, could be a mistake…Its going to be contentious  – he would want to block it.  He wants to be that (metonomy.)


Mi:  Doesn’t understand what St issue is.


Al:   Its not the only option.   Wants to do it because he wants people to make records out of this and use the platform.


Re:  When you are inviting more people into it, we have to tell everyone what has happened / bring people up to speed.  She is working on a welcome packet for newcomers.  She wants feedback from rest of the group.


Av: Looks at occupied wall st journal – is there a model that has been successful so we can use it.


Re: The mission of music guild is to get people linked in –


St:  The movement cannot create/pigeonhole people…The movement operates on a different level, on its own stratophshere…


Denny:  Has a good idea  – he should put together a ‘manifesto’ (ie hes not making the definitive label – (perhaps not the name manifesto) – Denny wants Alphonzo to articulate what he’s doing, his ideals etc…


Slim:  People are going to make protest music no matter what.


Al: Its not ‘his’ site, he just wants it to be up – we should set some process in place….everyone should feel free to create (Renae is seconding this)…Also going back to linking into the process of Music Guild


Re: Some idea was said that was slow/stupid, we should not speak this way – unproductive.


Al:  Is really happy to have these arguments, appreciates this process etc.


Av:  Can’t stay tonight but wants someone to take minutes.


Mor: suggests to use the word missions statement instead of manifesto.   Whether we are in line or not with the general assembly – he’s personally excited to have a way to contribute.  A suggestion for future meetings:  He wants to know how he can contribute, more then spend time on process,


Av:  Wants to have a round table so people can hash out more about what they can contribute.


Al:  Everyone should write down about why they are here.


Av:  When is the next meeting…?


Re:  Do we link it in with Guild (the meeting)


St:  Everyone thinks there should be a platform, but what should that be – there are a lot of other ones.  He thought this was going to be a proposal to make it a platform for the entire movement.  This is not the movements site yet.  We need to all decide on whether this is the platform for the movement we need to take a step back and decide if this is the one.  ‘Mid-east tunes’ is another site that was around years ago, thousands of artists are already involved….This is a matter of process, we need to take a step back.


Av:  There are advantages to process (other than validity) – resources etc – that we could get from being a part of OWS.  He feels better about moving forward at this pace based on.


Al:  Will attend Guild meeting tonight and get back to the rest of us as to how we proceed.


Re:  WE need to understand the process is important  – its slow but its very creative.  Its all encompassing – personalities, ideas etc, a creative process overall.  You need to get your feet wet.



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