Occupy Opera

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We are inspired by this performance!

About Student Protests

from Years Gone By

To Announce That The Student Movement

Is Alive Today, and growing!

In complete solidarity

with Occupy Wall Street


We, the 99%

Stand against economic injustice

Corporations have bought our government

Causing gross wealth disparity

In our city and country

So while millions lose jobs and homes

Bankers steal billions!

And they are stealing our future!

The same way Wall Street took so many

American Homes:

Through Debt Bubbles! And a lack of Vision

And a lack of compassion.


Fellow students! Fellow students!

The people stand shattered

in the face of the destruction of the 99%!

But the Season of Change is upon us,

It is time to Resist!

So we invite you to turn your gaze from the stage

Where the Revolution has been packaged

For your Bourgeoise consumption

And to the Streets!

Where Something New

Happens Right Now!

Hear these words!

Of those who dare to stand in a strong sun,

And cast a long sharp shadow,

As we awake this morning

With our mind stayed on freedom!

O Opera Lovers!

We invite you to join in the struggle

To reclaim the future of the 99%

We guard the truth, an ever-sharpened knife! Believe, survive endurance! Survival is our revenge! Endurance is life!


Off the Stage and Into the Streets!

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