Occupy Museums Week 2: Plan of Action and Crappy Mtg Minutes

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Plan of Action
Agreed on action structure
– We will Occupy MoMA at 4:30PM on Thursday 10/27
– We will put out general statement and a call for everyone to bring their own manifesto for the next action (BYOM) 2 days prior to action
– meet at Liberty Park. Gather in small GA.
– travel to museum
– Gather as a group.
– We open up to GA
– Claire and James facilitate. Explain process. Blithe [or someone else] keeps time (for manifesto section).
– We read the introductory statement.
– We open stack for 3 minute Manifestos (dancifestos, musicfestos, any creative manifestation of a manifesto you can think of)
– We open stack for manifesto response

Action Prep

1. We write a general, concise statement. Deadline Tuesday! We will write this with a google doc. Here is the link!
– (we will send to media Tues. PM OR Wed AM)
2. We write manifestos (autonomously)
3. We make kick-ass signs (autonomously). Erin will send a link to Situationist sinage for inspiration.
– We will start a sign thread
4. We need to gather our own documentation team (photo/video)
5. Research MoMA talking points

Meeting Minutes from Occupy Museums 10_23 at 7:30PM

– propose action idea. people agree on structure.
– ideas for creative space inside the GA
– dance in the GA.
– another idea. we shall overcome. other people started singing. with dancing

thoughts on the statement.

Claire- think that its important that the statement is poetic, inspiration, and grand. doesn’t want it to be dry.

be more ambitious and rise to something that is more poetic.

Erin- art and this stage of capitalist production. there is this need to push things out constantly, not even caring who’s receiving it on the over time. can’t really cheat that time. the pressure to output so constantly.

there is a history of people protesting museums and making demands. afterwards people.

mixed message. have to be smart. dealing with smart people. need to respect the idea, because these are smart people.

artists have been really great at spectacle.

ego-centrism with artists. we are trying to go as the we narrative. that is something we can talk about a bit more.

– developing our model of an ideal museum. a space for imagination.

this is OWS. going broad. we are going broad into the art world.

– a lot of people are looking to make this happen. there is a lot of people who are looking for a long time. people are using this forum to make things happen that have been happening for a long time. not just about the park. much bigger. the park is symbolic.

disagree. many people are the inspiration for this. the no demands thing is very powerful. we are not a political platform. we are in the position to make something happen. occupy museums is holding the last

we are occupy wall street. we are looking to expand the discussion.

move from the single author. what a movement can entail is more than just making demands.

– when people see an expression. create a thread between what is inside the building and what is outside.
– make it bigger. exclusivity. we are opening the wall. what is outside and inside is equal value.
– the tone is not hostile.

– on the issue of tone. stay away from the word elitism. that moves the conversation in a way we dont want
– people associalte that world with jesse helms.

– noah- have heard feedback about the word elite.
– impt to have a strong statement.
– one should be strong with these kind of statements
– sweet but soft, might look like backing down
– we are in the position of driving it
– the statement of non-co-optation

– i think that the press will know

– the signs sucked. we need really good signs.
– problems as signs

– an issue about museums. what is going on in abu dabi. every major museum is setting a building with a major architect. playground for the rich, where no-one else can go. why are they spending so much when there is so much. oppressive regime.
museums are following a corporate business model.
– guggeheim. many museums.

– the workers have been working in really bad labor conditions.

– museums have a real public mission
– any museum we talk about we should know

occupy meditation outside the buddist museum.

this can be an educational tool. i can do research. we can do political aspects of the space.

– using the GA as a public education forum.
– chris casper to talk about artist unions


BYOM immediately tells people that it is already open

open source played out

– can we create a collective art piece.
– can we bring something to make.

– want to make a newspaper.

– what about looking for some other text?

we should write it

we could write it.
bring copies.

– we can organize manifesto

– the first thing that the GA put out was a long list of things they put out that we wrong.
– we all have grievances to discuss.
– the grievences should come out of those manifestos that comes out of the GA

– it can be critical
– we have manifestos of peoples grievences
– we should make a conceptual switch but not a backtrack

– thoughts. james will come with positive and negative.
– world is fucked up

– what is on the street is more interesting than what is inside the museum

– leak it to the press a few days before.

deadline tues
– google doc.

which museum and when

Guggenheim is closed Thursday.  We have to do it Thursday.

– museum of finance?

– what would be occupiable
– the whitney is pretty cool
– a new building

MoMA again?

– 5 minutes manifesto.
– dancifesto. can be dance not spoken
– 3 minute manifesto?
– 3-5 manifesto

MoMA it is!

Claire & James facilitation
Thursday at 4:30.

– we don’t step out of the GA to talk to press. we talk to them in groups and we talk to them after.
– we invite them into the GA via the people’s mic

– Occupy Museum fun pack?
– like it
– make it autonomously

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  1. claire lebowitz

    I’ve been looking up Situationist slogans and they’re really freakin great, perhaps we could use some of these at MoMA, don’t know if I could write anything better. Here’s some of my favorites:
    – Subvert the monologue of the ruling order

    -Are we consumers or citizens?

    -trickle up (from adbusters)

    -We will ask nothing. We will demand nothing. We will take, occupy.

    -The prospect of finding pleasure tomorrow will never compensate for today’s boredom.

    -When people notice they are bored, they stop being bored.

    -Poetry is in the streets.

    -Down with the abstract, long live the ephemeral.

    -I take my desires for reality because I believe in the reality of my desires.

    -Those who lack imagination cannot imagine what is lacking.

    -Take revolution seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.

    -Down with consumer society.

    -The more you consume, the less you live.

    -You can’t buy happiness. Steal it.

    -Millionaires of the world unite. The wind is turning.

    -The economy is wounded- I hope it dies!

    -How sad to love money.

    -Abolish alienation.

    -I don’t have time to write! (perhaps we could say “paint”?)

    -Talk to your neighbors.

    -Speechmaking is counterrevolutionary

    -Down with spectacle-commodity society

    -Down with journalists and those who cater to them.

    -In the decor of the spectacle, the eye meets only things and their prices.

    -The revolution is incredible because it’s really happening.

    I love these, will try to find some time to make signs tomorrow. There’s more of course but these are just some of my faves.