Occupy Museums New Statement (Working)

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UPDATE- we have decided to move this to a google doc so that people can edit at the same time!
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Occupy Museums

Week  2: This statement was agreed on by consensus (or it will be by the time we get to the museum).  In our occupation of museums, we are moving from a single author toward a collective voice…

– Andrea Liu txt (below)
Occupy Wall Street is a singular unrepeatable moment in time: a  micro-utopia,  a miniature society being made from scratch. It is this deliriously eclectic bouillibaise of a direct democracy, mixed with a dive bar, mixed with woodstock, mixed with a kibbutz, mixed with a think tank.

When I was in 6th grade, I was in this afterschool program.  We had to do these projects, and one of them was to make up a society from scratch—to come up with a theme, and to create a society based upon this theme, and each person was assigned responsibility for one aspect  of the society to invent–arts, economics, government, education, family, etc.  So our group decided to form a society based on comedy. We took the word “comical” and spelled it backwards, making “lacimoc.” So we called ourselves Lacimocians, and then we were responsible for making all these artifacts for this society, and then sending them to the other elementary school in a huge box ( and they sent us their imaginary society in a box), and we had to figure out each other’s society.

Occupy Wall Street is like the living embodiment of that elementary school project. Something I thought I had to leave behind as a utopian childhood fantasy with no real world application, miraculously has now found it is living embodiment in Occupy Wall Street. At OWS, nothing is taking for granted, there are no existing rules or values that one is just following by rote, there is no superstructure that has been inherited and followed blindly, everything about this society is being made up in real time.

Occupy Wall Street is not a hate-filled group of angry people. It is much more like a free university–an information and inspiration sharing system in physical and cyber space. If you have not been there, you must go see it in person–take some time to soak it in. Yes, we are protesting economic injustice. But we have come to realize, the occupation itself is the beginning of the solution. This makes it unique in our times- much different from the Iraq war protests for example.

Does occupy museums mean that we hate museums?  No. We think that an occupation is the insistence on opening up a conversation about the very structure of our world (money) which until now has hardly seemed possible, as pressing as the matter was. That’s how messed up things have been in this country. 

Occupy Museums is an outgrowth of the Arts and Culture Committee of Occupy Wall Street. It is an attempt to PUT BODIES IN PLACES WHERE THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE to begin to destabilize a power structure towards which we have otherwise been trained to exhibit a corrosive servility.

The public contract of museum institutions as commonwealth has been instrumentally corroded by a bevy of globalist-minded neo-Robber Barons who have incrementally instituted certain policy and economic decisions over the course of the past 10 years. Museums in the early stages (LACMA, MoCA, MoMA) were pressured to commit to huge development deals that left them vulnerable to board takeovers by “rescuing” billionaires; some of whom, like Eli Broad (name over info desk at MoMA lobby) helped cause the current depression. These megalomaniacs are using their blood money, laundered through massive donations to reshape our shared cultural heritage to conform to a very corp-“designed” type of echo chamber.

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