Occupy Farms Meeting Minutes 3/1/12

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Farms minutes date march 1st


loose facilitation. Rich is taking minutes




Leah – forms went great at farming our future

Hunter – farming our future is great . great feedback from farmers, 20 ppl signed the fors, 6 responded with info, must respond back.

Fully functioning farms

Said will give us seeds and tools. Hunter will spearhead donations

Leah – things need to be figured out..how to manage and how to coordinate trips with new farms….lets do breakout groups… tomorrow t charlottes 430ppm(brekout groups)


Leah – how do we outreach within ows, and how to do a farm trip now(making an agenda)


  1. inreach within occupation


hunter – Create a databae of ppl who want to go to farms.


Press from Columbia university comes in asking to film*****

***Meeting is being filmes without sound


leah – forms we have now may be good for sign up. Says she can print them out.

Hunter – be at pop up occupations so we can get sign ups.

Rich –lets do pop up this Sunday

Jack  -next pop up will do

Leah – should tabe at every cultural occupation

Becky – should be at wellness centers

***eco comes in

eco – knows wellness working groups and becky will table at them

Jason – get forms for apps and give to housing(Jason ill bring forms to housing)

Jack – need wavers

Leah – I will bring forms to next meeting for sign ups

Jack – lets get liability waivers..up sparkled

Hunter – we have a few waivers will print them out for next meeting(pulled from woofers_)

Jack – get lawyers guild to get a waier

Eco – occupation is moving twards a real vision …Has a website to screen occupiers(skills n such) can set up moderators.  Bill has 15 passenger van. A budget will motivate him.

Rich – we have 800 dollars

Hunter – moey thing is an issue, GA wants to cut finances. Should save

Jack – if farms raising own funds cant take from ga in the future but if we raise for farms it is for other farms not our own we can still get another cunk of money.

Eco – need to work with it for a couple weeks before website is up….website is – empowerpeople.us

Leah – do we move forward with the forms for purpose of getting ppl up there should we wait for website

Eco – Willl be point people for community blowback. Neighborhood is pro farms. Their concerns are the neghborhood going to suffer crime?? That why we need screening process.

Leah – whats our nxt step, need to pick through our info and see what we have(forms)

Eco – we need legal who can take care of that

Rich – I will have legal look at it and if no good then I will hav them write it up

Eco – make it simple

Leah – blast this at GA(forms and sign up) lets get tpeople going

Hunter – im concerned to much inreach and 100’s of ppl

Rich – should be a problem can have waiting list.

Groups agrees

Leah – don’t ant farms to loose interest if we have no ppl going up

Jack – number of 5 farms ready how many will go to each arm

Leah – will be adreessed and is addressed through our farm forms sign up

Becky – s there an option if I can bring friend

Leah – totally

Henry – yeah!

Jack – fuck yeah

Rich – typing

Hunter – yippee

Leah – what are our action steps right now we have lots of exciting

Rich – I still hav report bcks/

Rich – Have th neighborhood to farm in

Leah – who wants to plan farms trip.

Rich – can we plan farm trips tomorrow.

Group agrees.

We will plan at charlottes(trip)

Eco – next week must have all hands and numbers at wassaic bcause there will be a large public meeting. Need to know when ppl can get there.

Rich – will get intelligent ppl to go

Rich – liz should go

Leah – yeah she needs a place to stay

Rich – when you leaving

Eco – next possible trip up there in tomorrow or onward,

Rich – ill do inreack for that triup.

Leah – will talk to liz.

Leah – I maybe able to go Thursday.

Eco – ppl are welcome for longer stays.

Eco – millerton cool town in the area. Ppl there we have  a cooperative relationship….more possibilies after a couple weeks….

Jason – what supplies you need

Eco – we need paint ad ppl with carpentry skills. Painting mostly right now.

Leah – if ppl wanna take a rtain tomorrow are ppl going to be there to pick them up

Eco – yes just contact me,

Hunetr –Im working Friday and Sunday and then a week fter that ill be able to come up ad show them the ropes.


  1. drop Sunday meeting after this Sunday
    Up sparkled

New meeting times are Thursdays at 530 in the atrium.


Leah – anyone wanna put up writing for the blog send to me and ill put it up at the farms blog

Jack – we should have farms specific information on our websites and how to get involved with that specific farm.

Leah – yes I have been doing that.

Eco – yes we need a database. Technological rabble***

Group is eating and speaking loosely*****


Rich – we need to document in minutes who got the metrocards.

Rich – we had 5 all are out







All have metro’s

Leah ok y’all see ya t 430 tomrrow at charlottes.







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