Occupy Farms Meeting Minutes – 2.22.12

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Occupy Farms Working Group – 2/23
5:30 @ 60 Wall St.

Facilitation: Leah
Minutes: Carlton
Stack: Bless


*Scouting for Vacant Lots – looking at 596acres.org

*Hunter: Report back from Wassaic
**Military tents
**large field
**connection w/local grocery
**farm truck to use for any occupy reason
**outreach to other farm nearby (??? Valley Farm)

*Frank (De-escalation): looking for connection to local gardens & churches, has Irish sweet potato seeds to plant for upcoming event on M17

*Rich: Staten Island Lot Scouting, Friday @ 1pm meet at Charlotte’s Place

*Leah: East New York Farms is willing to take on & compost our food waste from Liberty Ave Cafe
**TimesUp is outfitting us with a bike & trailer
**any volunteers looking to do compost runs, get hands dirty, turn some compost, talk to Leah after meeting


*Farming Our Future Conference
**Hawthorne Valley Farm
**biodynamic teaching
**proposal to pay for this event
**$20/per person
**occupy propaganda can be distributed
**no standasides, no blocks
**Result: consensus to allocate $130 for this event

*Sylvester Manor Farm – Creek Iverson
**243 acres
**Eastern tip of Long Island
**potential work
**housing available (inc. for large groups)
**large tent set up
**advantages: educational farm, train interns, wooff-ers from all over the world, integrate art, educaional, cultural
**can come as individuals or groups (has had groups from New School, etc–would love an Occupy group)
**for stays of longer than 2 weeks, food is free
**work exchange includes working 32 hrs/week
**lodging is free
**transportation is well-connected
**definitely involved in food justice
**gitney bus and train $22/one-way
**can take folks after March 19th
**can accommodate bigger groups once spring hits (10-20 ppl)
**8 acres farmed in 2012
**livestock/mixed-veg CSA
**restaurant and market buyers
**current projects:
***mulching, seed/transplanting seeds, carpentry repair projects, spreading amendments, high tunnels (greens)
**for stays less than 2 weeks, has traditionally asked for food contribution of $25/week. might be possible to change.
**important to respect the culture
**some lime disease risk in the area, precautions taken

*Form regarding different farms (from Leah)
**better connections to farms through more documentation
**current form:


Please fill out this form so that we can maintain updated information about the various farms involved or looking-to-be-involved with Occupy Farms. If you don’t have answers for all the fields, please complete the form with as much information as you have.
* Required

Farm Information

Name of Farm *

Location *

Contact Person at Farm

Email Address

Phone Number

Preferred Method of Contact

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Unknown
  • Other:

Description of FarmHow big is farm? What’s the growing method, farm plan, etc?

Relationship with Occupy Farms

Is farm currently looking for occupiers?

  • Yes
  • No

If yes, how many?

Is there a minimum time commitment? Maximum stay?

What is the nature of the work-exchange?How many hours per week are required to fulfill room/board? Are excess hours encouraged? Will they be paid in food-credits or a wage?

What projects need work right now?Please include any specific skills farm is looking for.

Is farm currently able to send food donations?

  • Yes
  • No

Please provide any relevant details.

Additional Information

Point Person

This section won’t necessarily apply to all farms–some farms don’t have an obvious point person. For others, only one or two occupiers have been in contact with the farm, and it would be useful to know what lines of communication are already open.

Occupier Bottomlining Relationship with Farm

Email Address

Phone Number

Preferred Method of Contact

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Other:

**looking for feedback?
**some concerns about privacy of farms
**suggestion to add option for farms to publicly list info or not
**this could be a backend form, move to also create front-facing form for website for interested farms
**importance of documentation for building our network of farms & occupations throughout the nation & spreading our knowledge to other occupations
**suggestion to add skill requirements/physical requirements
**suggestion to add transportation options
*Leah will integrate feedback

*Review Patrick’s profile form
**any suggestions for additions?
**Creek suggests addition of “why do you want to do this” or something to that effect (ie looking to learn skills, activist burnout, etc…)

*New Metrocard Point Person
**Proposal: Jack is new point person
**Result: Consensus

*New Financial Point Person
**Johanna needs to step back
**Porposal: Hunter is new financial point person
**Result: Consensus


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