Occupy Farms – A New Model for Sustainability

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This is a living doc by an individual. Anything you want to add put in comments section.


Need to look at modern, but also indigenous farming techniques for areas that we are working in.  Ex. Native American in Northeast fertilizing land with fish remains, then planting corn, beans, and squash together.  The corn stock as a base for beans, the beans fix nitrogen for squash and corn, then the squash leaves prevent the soil from eroding.

Most domesticated plants we have today evolved in symbiosis with other plants – using ancient and modern techniques will greatly reduce the need for pest control and natural fertilizer.


Plumbing – Reduce the need for plumbing first. Use ground water or underground artificial aquifers (rain catchment systems) and use wind turbines/solar electric to pump water.  Use roof-top solar water heating system.

Sanitation – Compost or recycle most garbage. Composting toilet.  For water from sink and shower, could use grey water systems.

Electricity – Reduce the need for electricity first.  Solar cells, wind turbines, and lithium ion batteries/modified veggie back-up generator.

Internet – Can buy subscription to WIFI that is from cellphone towers.  If a cell tower is too far away, can always modify a satellite dish (the kind you get when you sign-up for cable) to pick up and receive signals.


Need to produce housing that is easily built and with materials that are widely available, plus sustainable.

Northeast and Northwest- Cob housing for insulation and passive solar heating. Little need for air-conditioning in this region as long as windows are able to open and large awnings.  For Northwest region, need lime wash covering over cob.

Southeast – Fired adobe brick or concrete.  Concrete is not sustainable, need another way of sustainably producing housing for this region. Need for very large porches to shade interior of house and open court yards/terraces to reduce need for air-conditioning.  Use windows that are easy to open and mosquito netting to reduce need for airconditioning in summer.  Plus hot air vents at the top of the ceiling to let-out humidity.

Southwest – Adobe brick or strawbail housing.  Need for artificial underground water aquifers to retain water during dry season.  Need drought tolerant agriculture and trade with other areas of the US for agricultural products.


Need to share and exchange information with communities around the world.  Ie. need to infiltrate Future Farmers of America and get them interested in sustainability!!!

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