Occupy Conference Call Minutes October 31, 2011

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mp3 of call from 10/31/11:

Minutes from Occupy National Conference Call 10/31/2011
Facilitation: Philadelphia

Welcome 10:02

Intros Larry speaks 10:07

Where you are from locations: Philadelphia. PA; Asheville, NC; Chicago, IL; Outreach Committee, Indianapolis, IN; Boise, ID; Tuskadero, ?; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Detroit, MI; Fort Wayne, IN; York, PA; Washington, DC; Central, IL; St. Louis, MO, South Jersey, NJ; Vancouver, BC?; Occupy Heartland; Norman, OK; Oklahoma City, OK, Boston, MA; Milwaukee, WI; Oakland, CA; San Francisco, CA; Chattanooga, TN; Portland, OR; Providence, RI; Albuquerque, NM, Phoenix, AZ; New York City, NY; Nashville, TN; Syracuse, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Jersey City, NJ; Louisville, KY; Delaware; Jackson,MS; Santa Barbara, CA; Kauei, HI; Terra Haute, IN;Torrington, CT;Sacramento, CA; Austin, TX;

Agenda Overview
Facilitation meeting last night to put agenda into process for tonight used our methodology. Numbers on keypads work as hands. Agree press 1 or Not press2 or Press 3 or Press4 forPoint of Process or Press5 for Spirit Fingers
150-200 ppl 95 lines available
OWS Tammy tamarashap@gmail.com
Oakland General Strike on November 2 to support
NYC National Day of Action on November 17 to support unions of something infrastructures bridges

Joan Daniel (LA) Needs Assessment Survey edge of skidrow volunteers with mediation experience. Homeless coming through. Do not consensus to turn people away need food donations, feeding 1000 people a day, water shortages, 4G uplinks, stick to agenda
Joan and Robbie has announcement which affects others embezzeled money Paul Cairnes or Paul? (has Encyclopedia Dramatica entry : http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Paul_%22Fetch%22_Carnes) . Listed on Occupy Boston Website.

Committee of Correspondence and Temporary National Directory
Nate Kleinman – our goal at this point is simply to foster direct communications between occupations. Please send an email to Occupycontactlist@gmail.com to share your name, email, number, which occupy and your role there. If you share, you will receive the full compilation back.

Also, a “Committee of Correspondence” was announced at tonight’s Philly GA, as an open working group which aims to become a link between Occupy Philly and other GAs or protests. In NYC, a “Movement Building Working Group” serves the same purpose. For us in Philly, the name is significant because the original Committees of Correspondence (grassroots, spontaneous local committees organized by pre-revolutionary patriots in the 1760s and 1770s) resulted in the first Continental Congress. When the media and the powers-that-be realize we’re out for their jobs, maybe they’ll start actually doing their jobs: serving the people.

Breakout Groups
(Prior to breakouts, we specified that we did not intend to vote on anything today, merely to begin the conversation.)
Report backs:
Torrington, CT National Hotline i.e. 1-800-OWS-OCCUPY
Beth Tech system, trainings on facilitation, austin use of freedom tower,use net when biz not using net, national ride sharing network,
Landon committee groups issued based conferences, webinars, wiki, chimi in, workgroups, how to negotiate with the police, issue specific and strategization
Dolly ventrillo, skye, two speak,
Emergency call out, bulletin board contact list,unified front for contacting the media, national pr team, mobilization for large nationwide action, group of wikis share information,
Paul, sharing with local labor unions national communications, how to proper care of various homeless people, special needs of very small occupations and support,
Kelly Caldwell, trust building and national contacts, infiltrators management,
Carolina, coordinate other conference calls and seminars
Lynette, gainesville, fl about to be kicked out of plaza communicatin systems to address
Duncan agenda for next conference call a couple of days in advance to share with local GAs
Meier, place to make announcements activists communication for NVC
Walt, value of these calls so similar groups call huddle together considering this movement to be global international, hold it in that framework,
Debbie, clarify email contact
Denille, mia
Carollina, twitter hard to gauge when people are in need, did not trend so they stopped it..filtered social media outlets for innovative emergency the better we will be, of a or moveon like to use but rather no money from anybody kind of stuff.
Ty, twitter for long island region, twitter type website just for internal communications between occupies, our own twitter to avoid monitor.
Christin, police demanding to take down police brutality videos and then the Boston and Cleveland embezzler known as Paul Carnes or Paul Fetch and Encyclopedia Dramatica
Nikki, we are straying away from the subject at hand better way to communicate than this phone call ir chat kinda thing.

National Conference Networking Platforms
Josh Santa Barbara, another forum communications facilitation working groups help facilitate conferencing. Cooperative working information for national action and communications. All incredible and amazing. four working groups.
communication/facilitation on our call synergistic and cooperative fashion,
Occupy voices video interviews to run spot nationally from all the occupiers
scalable project in scope in ambition. Bob’s video booths. Commercials running to change the game. Thanksgiving sharing.
Campaign Finance Reform Group specific plans in campaign finance system specific steps to create traction
IT services working groups national for a particular domain and centralized templates.
Agenda for call tomorrow: voiceoftheoccupation@gmail.com 6pm pacific and 9pm eastern to receive invitation to the call. Updates on National issues all four, bambi wolf a project known as democracy 101 for protesters, pittsburgh labor talks.

Nate next call of this group: Thanks Larry for facilitating, next nationwide call next Monday. More time to get agenda setting call on Thursday for setup of Maestro Team call. Please include in email to us if interested in participating. Most important thing is to come together. Our process is our message. What we are doing is world historic. Thank you for being a part of the call.

Next Agenda Planning Meeting
Thursday 11/3 10PM- Facilitation and Agenda Planning
Select Facilitator for Monday meeting
Plan agenda
Monday 11/7 10PM- National Conference Call


Occupy Together National Webinar
Join us for a Webinar on November 1

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
Weekly National Meeting of #Occupy Movement.

I.  National Issues
A. Communication Working Group Update
B.  New-York Based National Call Update
C.  Campaign Finance Issue Working Group Update
D.  OccupyVoices Update
E.   Naomi Wolf
II.  Local Issues
A.  Attempted Internal Coup – Portland
B.  Police and local conflict – Oakland, San Francisco
C.  Discreet Local Action and Outreach – Louisville, Chattanooga, Philadelphia
D.  Logistical and Other Issues
III. Conclusion/Open Items/Next steps

If you would like to present on any of the topics above with more than an ad hoc contribution, please email voiceoftheoccupation@gmail.com
Title:    Occupy Together National Webinar
Date:    Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Time:    6:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer

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