Occupy Conference Call Facilitation Call Minutes October 30, 2011

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National Occupy Facilitation Group meeting Notes  10.30.11

Meeting Outcomes:

Agreement on moving forward with the call tomorrow night, and that Philadelphia would facilitate the call using their own process with 2/3rd default, although there shouldn’t be any direct votes.
Agreement on Creating an Agenda for the National call:
Welcome (Ash)
Agenda Overview (Philly)
Announcement (from this group)
November 17th
(if other national group?)
Committee Correspondence and list suggestions (presentation)
How To Communicate using this forum
Break Out Groups
Report back from Groups
Committee Correspondence and list suggestions (discussion)
Welcome people into the facilitation group

Other minor outcomes:
Also there were discussion about process, email structure, and outreach.
It was understood that there is a need to have a national process that can work for our group as opposed to switching from process to process as we switch facilitation between calls.
It was noted and voiced that we as a group do not have all the answers, and that in some respects we are not necessarily the group to deal with some of the questions that we are being faced with, and that group will come together as the right people step up and join.

Notes from Meeting:

Met Early to go over conductor interface:

Michael, Ash, Larry, Jay, Nate, Tammy, Andrea,

Process is to use the GA.  To temperature polls on various topics.  What is the best topics to have on the call.

We should be able to break out by region.

Can we do pre-set break out categories.  We should be able to do that to determine what the break out groups will be.

4 of us are from Philadelphia.  Ash, Ryan, Nate, and Larry

Agenda for tomorrows Call:

What ever function of propogating.

Use the agenda to build bridges of communication.

What ever means and goals.  Like this technology.  Direct communication is essencial for that

If we purposfully initiate building those bridges, we will be in a much better position in days and weeks to come to organize around bigger ideas.

Build brideges of communication.

This group would act as the faciltaition for the group.

Have break out groups, and the democratic process.

If everyone is in agreement with it then we will take action to do it.

Create a doccument from other occupations, very puposefully and directlly.

On the last call, we used 4 for point of process.

Before we actually jump in on the one agenda item, to get some other ideas about what a good agenda item might be.  The other thing is to have a process for this call.

To clairify the point on the phily agenda item.  Simply a doccument for communication.  Agreeing on a way to also interface more publiclly besides having individuals talking to each other fromindividual occupations.

Proposal to Empower a group to create a plan for national communication bridges.

If there is a way to tell, or establish a high level stepwise process for our goals.

This call is to create steps of regional and local communication.

First step is to establish a form of communication.

Tammy: IF we were to pull everyone together.

Last week we talked about Why we want to be in communication.

This week disscuss HOW we want to be in communication.

Giving us notes to work on in the next time period.

Do want to say that we have to know that we arn’t the only call.

How are we going to communicate wit hthe GA’s represented on this call and not the wone

Occupy Wallstreet is doing a national day of action on November 17th

New York doesn’t want to run the show, and talk about it tommarow and see if people are on board.

We could get out of tomarrow a usefull directory.

Larry can set up an email account, and have everyone who is interested in being a part of a national directy, that they can begin to fill the directory and continue to build the occupation.

Establishing communication doesn’t necessarily have to be a proposal but participation.

They would compile the complete list and then deliver it to everyone.

Every occupation has an occupation email address, and no one has that it is as a personal email address.

Anyone can access that email address, so there is no point person in any way.  It narrows the numbers.  It makes it more of an effective list.

Regional communcation is very important.  We have 21 sites within two hours within occupy LA

Not sure regionalization is good for other places like colorado where they don’t have many occupations close buy.

Regional converstion is the most aproaptei intg

All regional conversation will be voluntary for anybody.   We arn’t saying there is a interoccupy organization.

Nate called it points of contact.

Agenda for tomarroww:
Sugestion communication
Nov 17 occupy Wall Street National Action.

Tention between an infinite amont of contact between occupations and a  more susinct contact from each occupation.  Is it better to have a formalized group at each occupation that is reponsible for communication, or is it simply for individuals, which is kind of caotic.  Trying to establish some sort of body between each individual GA that would simply to relay information from GA to national level etc…

I like the idea.  Do not want to go back to the conversation we had at all.  The other call is happy to email the calls to the two lists.  And asked for some time for his national working group to say what is going on.

Aware of three others including one from DC that started in the last three days.

Love Tammy’s How do we communicate.

Larger question is how will the occupy movement continue to sustain itself and evolve into new phases.  The occupy locations and issues and geographies is very iimportant thing.

Part of the agenda should be presented in terms of what is the necessities to have this stay vibrant and healthy.

All the energies that are starting that question.  I think that is spot on. Frame the questions taht we are goign to ask is that these connections need to happen, and no undo control by one or more groups.  At the same time get frozen for fear of controling something.  Delema of inaction dew to process dew to edicate.

Asking groups to break out and brainstorm what kind of calls are needed and why.  To see if there is consensus on what type of calls.  Do we need to connect the national call organizers.


Make sure people are herd and decentralizing the mecanism in which we are taking information.

No significant disscussion needs to be made around it.

When are his calls?

Support behind Tammy’s proposal she emailed out.

Tomarrow should be setting up how we are going to talk going into the future.

Tomarrow would make the call caotic than it needs to be.

Don’t need to be created by a GA.  The way we do thing in Philly anybody can start any working group and it becomes legitimate though action.  Any occupation could have 5 committees of correspondance and the fuller picture from place to place.  Have communication and public debate if they provide good information for the GA.

Wonder if getting some kind of empowerment by our GA’s to have a wowrking group to come to the actual calls would actually serve us better.  Have some kind of offical capacity.  Not impose that on other GA’s.  If there is a president and follow allong and see that the national calls are the main one.

Last time on the call, we talked about why we are communicating and needs and accessts

How we communiate issues to disscuss.  Types and conduits of communication.

Other point is to talk about issues to disscuss.

I’m not the type of person who should be on these calls, but I am the right person to get the people who need to be here.

Second about communities of correspondance, and it is much open and transparent when there is an offical call.

Agenda Items:

Commitee of Correspondance (9 yes to 1 no) we are going to put that on the conversation for tomarrow.
Cross connection calls merger communcations  (unanumous)
How we communicate
Survey and research (8 yeses 1 no) That will be brought up.
That the GA empower this committee of correspondance?
Nov. 17 Action for Wall Street: Planning National Day of Action: Called for by Unions. It is happening going to put up the call nationally.  New york feels like they are running the show.  The more people who are on board the better.Have two minutes to disscuss it and direct them to me if they are interested in finding out more. Votes: 7 yes, unanmous.

National Working Groups
Create a Mass doccument and people can opt in
Sponor a National LIst serve – an open national list serve

Share with the grop that there are national calls for various purposes
Trying to create a call to connect those various groups so that they know about one an other and serves tranparency and openness.

Idea behind this contact list is to support and communication and share ideas and cooperate actions.  Coordinate a nationwide sit in, they could call phelidelphia and talk to direct actoin.  I get about 7 emails a day just from different working groups.

If that got compounded listserves would be non-usefull to be so cluttered.

The idea is great, there is 1500 GA’s happening, there are 70 working groups right now.  That there is such a huge amount to deal with.  A system that has the right access to information.  I am ok to do it now to do those things.

Not a fan of email lists, I feel there is other models.  Basiclly a better facebook system.  It isn’t facebook, I don’t like that, but you can facilitate such that it will work.  Email list is a short term solution.

Talking about email lists in the last week. It has deralled so many things on the agenda.  It is so complicated from what first apears. (yes 4  no 3)

I’ve been talking with other occupyations with nate and others.  I have an excell list that is great.  These are people who are willing to communicate with each other.

Agenda Possibility:

1) Updates from National and International Levels (no state-region updates) (very quick)
2) National Day of Action
3) How To communicate discussion

4) Communications Announcements about communication like list serve etc…
The creation of the list, how to get your contact information in
How we connect to designated GA committees

Logistics for tomorrows calls:

Commitee of correspondance idea:

Simple proposal of connecting the working groups of the General Assemblies
Would include all of them including the Committees of Correspondance.

Thinking about future communications, and the connection process, and have an email for this committee.

Committees of corres

That every occupation form a committee of corespondance with the purpose of future communications, and they will also have an email, be done at a local level, for the sake of the local level (8 yes, 1 against) (7 yes, 1 against)
What happens if you don’t do it?????

Supproting the other national calls where possible (
They get 5 minutes on our call, and we get 5 minutes on theirs.
(5 yes, 2 no) (7 yes, 1 no)

Resarch group, mention it as needs assessment (unanamous)

General Proposal
Questions clarification
Friendly amendments
Straw poll for and against
IF super majority then do vote.
2/3rd vote.

National Call of Action (Announcement)
with google doc (7 for 1 against) (7 yes, 1 against)

Creating a contact list to share amongst ourselves. (7 yes, 1 no)(unanimous)
add that it is just sharing contacts, step not solution (unanimous)

Occupy contact list at gmail.com

Confusion about the relation of why we have these different lists and committees and other emails and lists???

Support of Philly conducting meeting tommarow night (unaimous)

We didn’t vote on a date or a time

Vote to change the meeting time: (6 yes, 3 no) Supermajority to keep the meeting tomarrow.
Drirect vote

Protocol for the meeting process

Create a process that can blend the polling and the deliberation so that there is a creative conversation

Start to think about a creative conversation punctuated with polling for creativity and consensus.

It will be a new model.

Andreas email : andrea.ciannavei@gmail.com

Vote on having the meeting tomarrow (Unanimous to keep it tomarrow as scheduled)

To have Updates from Occupy groups : straw poll (5 no, 4 no)
Welcome (Ash)
Agenda Overview (Phily)
Announcement (from this group)
November 17th
(if other national group?)
Committee Correspondence and email suggestions (presentation)
How To Communicate using this forum
Break Out Groups
Report back from Groups
Committee Correspondence and email suggestions (discussion)
Welcome people into the facilitation call

Part of the prupose of the committee of correpondance is potentially to help create Working Groups

Definitely focus the dicssuion on Meta Communications

We are making progress
Who is going to Handel each part of the agenda?
Tammy- would prefer not to facilitate
Added names to the welcome and philly is going to take care of the rest



Wether to do ⅔ or 9/10 for agreements  (5 ⅔, 3 9/10)

Jay mentioned that he feels that the process that was used for tonights meeting was not conesnsus because the voting was not used as a default measure.  Instead all disscussions went directly into voting on a 2/3rds vote.  He said he doesn’t care what the voting level is, but that it should be a default measure and only used after it is obvious that the consensus process has broken down.  Only after it is obvious that there is no way to amend and improve the proposal have been exagusted, can you move to a default measure.   That is his own understanding of consensus

Jay ga@wc.tc (415) 332-2486
Larry: rswetman@gmail.com

Everyone checked out.

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