Occupiers Working Group- Public Meeting- Munites

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Occupiers Working Group- Weekly Meeting- Minutes

Tus.Jan. 24th-2012 5PM

Atrium-60 Wall St.

Facilitator: Buck Y.

Minutes: Shawn






Dan “Doodles”




and several others who did not sign in.

We started by having a discussion about the Occu-trip bus trip that is being organized through the end of Feb. Carlton attended the meeting and brought registration forms.

We discussed the three priorities of the Occupiers Working Group:

American Spring

End Slavery


A discussion was held about the ways in which our working group can help prepare for the events of the upcoming spring.

We discussed details of how the Bike-upation will be handled in terms of ditributing bikes.

A discussion was held about a Community Dumpster brigade.

We agreed through consensus that Metro Cards should be distributed first to those who attend the weekly meetings.

A phone/email list is being created.

The First Occu-bike will be distributed this week!

Graphics, literature and ideas about the movement will be posted on the Occupiers Working Group page at nycga.net

Next meeting will be Tuesday, January 31st  @ 5PM



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