Occupiers Working Group-Public Meeting Minutes 12-22-11

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December 22nd, 2011- Zucotti Park

Facilitator: Catherine Feeney

Point Person: Rami

Minutes: Buck Y.

Attendees: Matt, Nan, Sebastian R., Carlton. Four others who chose not to sign in.

After a meet and greet session we began with a report from Catherine about the previous two weeks activity.

Catherine has been distributing single-ride Metro cards to known Occupiers directly on the street and in the park, and other public places where OWS people meet.

A discussion was had about the efficacy of that process.

Nan advocated for handing out monthly unlimited ride tickets. Others expressed hesitation to distribute items of relatively high value on the street. Matt said it seemed dangerous.

We had an open discussion about whether or not transportation was a reasonable use of Occupiers Working Group budget money.

A discussion was held about the vision of the Occupiers Working Group, our mission, and the ways in which we distinguish our role from other groups ion the OWS organization.

Nan spoke about our role as advocates for the homeless and displaced members of the movement.

Further discussion was held concerning the ways we can help those who continue to come to NYC from elsewhere, and how we can make occupiers as comfortable as possible so they can stay here and take part in the movement for as long as they wish.

Buck made a proposal to use our daily budget to purchase cheap bikes, and refurbish old bikes, and to distribute them to working occupiers, or to make them available for an OWS messenger service, delivery service, and for street coordination during actions and protests.

Matt, Carlton and Catherine were big supporters of the idea, and after further discussion there was a temp check. Catherine took count and we decided through consensus to follow up on the Bike-upation idea as soon as possible.

Carlton and Matt volunteered to head up the Bike-upation project for the occupiers Working Group.

Buck agreed to spread the word about the Bike-upation, and to bring it up at Spokes Council to build support.

After further general discussion about the direction of the group we adjourned due to extremely cold temperatures.

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