Occupiers Working Group-Public Meeting Minutes 1-3-12

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Occupiers Working Group-Public Meeting Minutes- January 3rd, 2012 6:00PM

60 Wall Street Atrium

Facilitator: Buck Y.

Point Person: Catherine Feeney (by phone)

Minutes: Matt

Attendees: Carlton, Rami (by phone) Michael Cross

Following a brief introduction, the group opened the floor for discussion topics.

Buck started by giving a report of his announcement at Spokes Council about the Bike-upation project.

According to the report there was a very good response from those at the Spokes Council, and several people provided their contact information so they could offer support of various forms. We were put in touch with Times Up! Bike Shop who has offered their space and tools for this project.

Carlton expressed interest in doing the refurbishing work, and Matt volunteered to help search for cheap or free bikes and frames online. Buck volunteered to help find free or discounted parts (ie. tubes and tires, bells, helmets, etc.)

A motion was made to make Buck Y. the point person for the Occupiers Working Group. A temperature check was taken, and Buck agreed to take over as point person.

After a brief discussion, it was decided that the regular public meetings of the Occupiers Working Group should be held at the Atrium of 60 Wall Street each Tuesday at 5:00PM.

Another discussion was held concerning the vision and mission of the group. We decided that, for the time being, we should focus largely on the Bike-upation, and to facilitate in the distribution of Comfort items and Metro cards whenever possible.

The meeting adjourned around 6:30PM

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