Occu-Evolve September 7, 2012 (meeting notes)

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September 7, 2012 (notes)

Liberty Plaza

Facilitators-Self Facilitated


10 people present at meeting’s start

Reportbacks/Announcements- Accounting, Communication, and Transparency and NYCGA-Naz , reported back that NYCGA has unfrozen the funds donated to OWS but proposal needs to submitted at least 24 hours before GA.  Updates from Stop and Frisk Panel by Ali and Robert action was held at Occupy Astoria/Long Island City. Ethan gave update on food preparation for S17 as well as housing. He reported that housing has been secured for S17 for three days.  Ali reported that Stop and Frisk Coalition not allowed to march with banners neither was LOC for S3. Bill did reportback  on S3 small but dedicated turnout. Ali did reportback on the Mexican Peace Caravan, March, Vigil and Rally.-S3-S17 Reportbacks given by Sumumba. -A/N-did announcement for Rally for Rahmarley Graham-Sandy has been doing Outreach at local subway stations. Occupy Barklays Center was announced by Jelanie and proposal was made for Occu-Evolve to join Furee.org  on September 29th.

Proposals- Proposal to continue our Community Assembly on September 17th from 8-10pm was consented on. Group also consented Occupying Barklays Center with Furee on September 29th.

Upcoming Actions- S15-16 schedule, S17

 S-15-16, and 17* Planning Session

  • Occu-Copy will be contacted about making outreach materials for S17
  • Why We Occupy Fliers will be distributed on S17 with information connecting the 99% to OWS working and other working, affinity and affiliated groups.

Group will do outreach for most of the day but will maintain a presence in Liberty Plaza throughout the day. Bill will possibly bottom line presence.

$29.00 Raised went to Metrocard

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