Occu-Evolve August 31, 2012 meeting(notes)

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August 31, 2012 (notes)

Liberty Plaza

Facilitators-Self Facilitated

12 people present at beginning of meeting

Notes: Sumumba


Reportbacks/Announcements- Accounting and NYCGA)-Naz did brief reportback and will make proposal about accounting to NYCGA on Sept 1. Sandy will work with him on it. Updates from Stop and Frisk-Ali-said group needed to raise at least 6,000 for Stop and Frisk Actions. Annouccements for upcoming Occupy Astoria/Long Island City Stop and Frisk Panel discussion by Robert.- Malu  mentioned the Mexican– Caravan  for Peace was upcoming and volunteers and Outreach needed by Occu-Evolve and Interocc (both groups have committed to helping with effort. -S3-S17 Reportbacks by Sumumba-fliers not made for S-3 action to lack of access to office.  S17 Fliers and info needed for actions. Occu-Copy will be consulted.

Proposals-‘Why We Occupy’ fliers presented to group as a tentative proposalby Sumumba who will make full proposal next week.

Upcoming Actions-S8(labor march by union-more info needed), S15-16 (Sumumba and Robert will table for Occupy Staten Island) S17-A day full of actions available on Occu-Evolve’s website  occuevolve.wordpress.com

 S3, Planning Session-Group committed to being present for march at 10:00am City Hall Park but no signs available. However Athena committed to bringing Occupy Wall Street Banner.

Sean proposed that Occu-Evolve participate in the ‘Emma Goldman People’s Assembly’ rather than our own since there’s a ‘time conflict’ and Assemblies are very ‘similar’. Sumumba spoke of the differences between Occu-Evolve’s and the Goldman’s as well as the differences between Fannie Lou Hamer and Emma Goldman….group appeared split and will re-visit issue at next OE worksession.

33$ Raised at Worksession-29$ to metrocard. 4$ to food.

Open Floor/Soap Box-

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